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Dynamic Stability of the Peace River Transmission System

W. Skoolund  "Dynamic Stability of the Peace River Transmission System",  IEEE Transactions on Power Apparatus and Systems ,  vol. PAS-85,  pp.586 -600 1966...Power Appar. Svst., pp. 586-600, 1966.Ellis H M,Hardy J E,Blythe A L,et...

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Identification of a human cDNA encoding a protein that is structurally and functionally related to the yeast adenylyl cyclase-associ...


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Web Frameworks Smackdown at JavaOne 2005

One thing I hope the audience noticed is the fact that four of the five panel members agreed on 'web mvc' being old skool technology. It is not about being cool or something, ...Here's my suggestion: I whipped up the world's simplest ...

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A Multiplicative Model for Learning Distributed Text-Based Attribute Representations

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A simple model based on known plant defence reactions is sufficient to explain most aspects of nodulation

The ~mciclll nod-on will thus be actlllg functionally as a parti~l nod-off Thi~ appcar~ orFilo;.. -I. r....References Arora N, SkOOl:: F, Alien ON. 1959. Kinelin-induced pseudollod- ules on tob:\eco root~. American } Society oj...

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Die Transvaalse skoolkalender / Jan Harm Pieter Ignatius Michiel Ackermann

  mirage Die Transvaalse skoolkalender / Jan Harm Pieter Ignatius Michiel Ackermann Boloka/Manakin Repository Login ... Name: Ackermann_JHP_App ... Size: 621.8Kb Format: PDF Description: Appendix & biblio ... View/Open ... This Co...

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Use of antipsychotic drugs among Dutch youths between 1997 and 2005.

Kalverdijk LJ, Tobi H, van den Berg PB, Buiskool J, Wagenaar L, Minderaa RB, de Jong-van den Berg LT (2008) Use of antipsychotic drugs among Dutch youths between 1997 and 2005. Psychiatr Serv 59(5):554–560. : 10.​1176/​appi.​ps.​...

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Funksies van grondgebruik

Naby Greenacres vind ons reeds die hoofkantore van banke en versekeringsmaatskappye. Wat vroeër deel van die woon... 2. Die funksie van die grond in my omgewing Bestudeer die tabel en bykomende inligting en volg die

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