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Arrangements for use in raising funds

9. A system and method for fundraising with the steps comprising: securing agreement of at least one participating vendor whereby their coupons are displayed on at least one apparatus... [0005] Examples of other fundraising cards, me...

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Five Ways to Cut Back-to-School Costs

"Chances are, you probably have binders, colored pencils and highlighters left over from last year," says Joanie Demer, a savings expert and co-founder of the blog The KrazyCouponLady. A few pens here, a sheaf of paper there -- the...

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Burnin' Rubber • Hostages * Blockbusting Budget Bonanza !

coupon (no stamp required) or ring 091 510 8787. Please send me Membership details of the Amstrad User Club. ...loose women and dry-roasted peanuts (well, Ilike them )? With the help of Bank Balancer you may get to find out. ...KRAZYI...

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Pick Another Checkout Lane, Honey: Learn Coupon Strategies to Save $1000s at the Grocery Store

Описание: What if you could save over 70% on your monthly grocery budget and build a stockpile of food at the same time? Don t be a skeptic Pick Another Checkout Lane, Honey will jumpstart your journey to saving $600 per month...

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Traffic based Dynamic Request Control System For Web Page Analysis

The testing was performed on web pages of some famous web sites like "", "", "", "" and "". The code was tested real time on working web pages instead of cre...

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passionate ABOUT empowering WOMEN

The article recounts the experiences of Joanie Demer and Heather Wheeler in establishing their Digital Couponing business on their Web site at It also discusses their book, "Pick Out Another Lane, Honey", which...

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Orthodontic articles having a low-friction coating

A commercial ethylcyanoacrylate adhesive (Krazy® Glue) was used to bond the bracket to the flat. An aluminum flat was prepared with a 0.015" and to align the bracket to the ...The bracket, ligatured to the wire and mounted on an alum...

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