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Theology and Notions of Reason and Science: A Note on a Point of Comparison in Lonergan and Polanyi

the logic of modern science, objectivity is the fruit of im- mediate experience (observation patternof operations, then objec- tivity becomes "the fruit of authentic subjectivity, of being reasonable,and responsible."13 And when rea...

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Stationary Points of Scalar Fields Coupled to Gravity

We investigate the dynamics of gravity coupled to a scalar field using a non-canonical form of the kinetic term. It is shown that its singular point rep...

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The Tuming Pointin Lead Belly's Life

The article focuses on musician Huddie Ledbetter, also known as 'Led Belly.' Information is provided on a court record showing Ledbetter, using the name Walter Boyd, was found guilty of murder and sentenced to the Bowie County Peniten...

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Kroger's Margins Get Boost From Inflation

The article reports on the gross margins of Kroger Co. in the second quarter of 2007. Kroger said its second-quarter gross margin increased 47 basis points to 23.94% of sales, with 23 basis points attributable to lower costs in shrink...

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The Turning Pointin Lead Belly's Life

The Turning Pointin Lead Belly's LifeMarch 2012 PublicationsBowie County District Court (1918) Texas Bar Journal Share Follow Read MoreJuly 2002 More Transparency In M&A Antitrust...If you choose to continue browsing this website,...

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Kroger says 'loyal' customers helped it beat views | Fox Business

Login Account You're loggedin as Profile Logout Search Site Home Video Markets Industries Economy & Policy Investing Technology Personal Finance Business Leaders On Air Small ... Cincinnati-based Kroger's gross margin decreased 12...

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Universal estimates for eigenvalues of Schrodinger operators on domains in Euclidean space and two-point homogeneous spaces

Several authors have worked on the problem of universal eigenvalue estimates for the Dirichlet Laplacian and for Schr篓odinger operators (see [1]-[5] for some of the main references and for the most recent results, further references ...

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Variable condenser for modulation

This invention relates to novel variable condenser and to the same in a novel circuit for producing frequency modulation of high frequency or ultra high frequency waves. In some cases, it is desired to use frequency modulation as a me...

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Kroger card users can soon redeem fuel points at Shell ; Dayton one of five test markets in the nation.

Kroger card users can soon redeem fuel points at Shell ; Dayton one of five test markets in the nation.Katie Wedell...

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A History of the Kroger Grocery & Baking Company

Dr. Phillips points out that the Kroger Grocery & Baking Company, the second largest grocery chain in the United States, dates from the opening of a small store in Cincinnati in 1882. Steady expansion to 1927 gave this company a syste...

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