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Lakewood recreation center


Collapsible canopy with auto erect roof support structure

Inventors: Lynch, James P. (13 S. Field, Lakewood, CO, 80226) Application Number: 07/356111 Publication Date: 08/14... 15. A canopy structure according to claim 1 wherein said apex includes a center post assembly pivotally connected a...

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(1176 South Kline Street, Lakewood, CO, 80232, US) Taylor, David P. (974 Mercury Circle, Littleton, CO, 80124, ... As part of the Telecommunications Act, a Number Portability Administration Center ("NPAC") has been chartered and ...I...

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Collapsible canopy framework having captured scissor ends with non-compressive pivots

Inventors: Lynch, James P. (13 S. Field, Lakewood, CO, 80226) Application Number: 08/121298 Publication Date: 06/06...Often, the shelters to which the present invention is directed are those which are used for purposes of recreation, ...

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A new model for the travel cost method: the total expenses approach

There are some irregularities in this relation, the most notable being that mean expenditures for recreationists who reside...Trinity River basin, (unpublishedmanuscript available from the library, Midcontinent Ecological Science Cent...

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Swimming pool cleaner

Assignee: Smartpool, Inc. (Lakewood, NJ, US) Primary Class: 15/1.7 Other Classes: 210/167.16 ... Swimming pools are a convenient source of recreation and exercise for many people. For those fortunate enough to have a...In the first in...

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2012 Festivals and Events

Lakewood Valley Sprint Triathlon June 9 Whitesville, Kentucky International Mystery Writers' Festival June 11-17 RiverPark Center 270-687-2787 riverparkcenter.... Windy Hollow Campground Recreation 5141 Wi...

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In-line skates

Inventors: Cha, Arnold (Lakewood, CA, US) Application Number: 11/019999 Publication Date: 06/29/2006 ... the second wheel is shifted sidewise from the center line of groove to a first direction by mounting on the outer ... the in-line...

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Consumer Demand for a Ban on Antibiotic Drug Use in Pork Production

Donation A donation of $4 will be made to the Conservation Fund, protecting open space, wildlife habitat, public recreation areas, river corridors, and historic places through the ...LMIC. Livestock Marketing Information Center, Lake...

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Collins, David Cain (Denver, CO, US) Mcgee, Steven Keith (Lakewood, CO, US) Application Number: 12/013931 ...If a subject tests positive for alcohol, the monitoring device then sends a message alerting the monitoring center of a...

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Reversible (unitized) PEM fuel cell devices

The option to have freedom from a refueling infrastructure is enabling for applications like emergency power, recreation (e...Power Research Institute (EPRI) and static feed URFC energy storage systems for NASA Glenn Research Center (...

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