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A Joly good laugh. (Soundoff: Hunter's Tale)

A Joly good laugh. (Soundoff: Hunter's Tale)Mike HunterPrecision Marketing...

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Jazz is the sound of God laughing

Jazz is the Sound of God Laughing by Colleen Shaddox; read by the author; Jay Allison and Dan Gediman, eds..... Bonus Publisher Materials: Author Biography

Stars: 43 Updated: September 5th,2018

"People will laugh at you if you sound like that"

The author presents a personal narrative of growing up in Scotland and coming to understand and appreciate her Scottish identity as an adult.

Stars: 77 Updated: September 5th,2018

Candy dispenser having an oscillating portion and producing simulated laughingsounds

A candy container or dispenser having a sound generating device and having an oscillating member protruding from an aperture is disclosed. The candy dispenser comprises a housing adapted for attachment to a candy container, with the h...

Stars: 109 Updated: September 5th,2018

Laughter: Perceptual evaluations of laughsounds with known acoustic variability

Acoustic analysis of laughter recorded under controlled social contexts revealed significant variability on a number of source‐ and filter‐related aco...

Stars: 103 Updated: September 5th,2018

The Robin Makes a LaughingSound: A Birder's Journal

The article reviews the book "The Robin Makes a LaughingSound: A Birder's Journal," Sallie Wolf, designed by Micah Bornstein.

Stars: 72 Updated: September 5th,2018

A Laugh a Second?: Music and Sound in Comedy Trailers

IntroductionWhen asked about his use of music, trailer director Mark Woollen observed that...

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No singing, no laughing, no sound

In 1995, Lori Berenson, a US citizen, was arrested and sentenced to life imprisonment by a ‘hooded’ court for allegedly conspiring with the Tupac Amaru Revolutionary Movement to take over the Peruvian Congress. In May this year, US ...

Stars: 43 Updated: September 5th,2018

The Robin Makes a LaughingSound

Poetry, sketches, and watercolors capture bird identification, behavior and appearance throughout the four seasons. This journal format may inspire readers to record, evaluate, and create their own observations.

Stars: 40 Updated: September 5th,2018

Effect of Sound on Laugh Scene in TV Programs

Effect of Sound on Laugh Scene in TV Programs日本音響学会聴覚研究会資料 = Proceedings of the auditory research meeting森,文哉金,基弘岩宮,眞一郎...

Stars: 59 Updated: September 5th,2018

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