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Laxatives dangers of



Wholesale weight-reduction programs were inaugurated, employing thyroactive drugs, cardiac glycosides, amphetamines, diuretics, vitamins, hormones, and laxatives. One physician conducting such...A physician with the opposite view woul...

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The Drugs You Use

There are chapters on the past, present and future status of medicine as well as on "tonics," vitamins, hormones, vasoconstrictors, local antiseptics, barbiturates, laxatives, thyroid, antiasthmatics, cosmetics, cancer cures and chemo...

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Afghan Children Ensnared in Heroin Trade With Iran

There, at a smuggler's home, he was given laxatives to pass the plastic capsules. The smugglers were only able to retrieve six, however. They paid him for those and sent him ...The second smuggler, who is 53 and operates out of Mangwa...

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An Overview of Clandestine Abortion in Latin America

As a result, the region faces a serious public health problem that threatens women's lives, endangers their reproductive health and imposes a severe str...

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Diet-tea dangers

Cites a report published in the University of California-Berkeley's `Wellness Letter,' which warned against the laxative effect of dieter's teas. Adverse health effects.

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Warns of the dangersof overusing laxatives, which induce bowel movement. Fallacy of the idea that one must have one each day to be "normal"; Alternatives to becoming dependent on laxatives; Benefits of having a high-fiber diet. Cons...

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Certain aspects in the approach to hypertension in pregnancy.

3. If at all possible, mevasine treatment was stopped 3-4 days before any contemplated operative procedures, in view of the dangersof paralytic ileus i...

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Eating pathology and social comparison in college females

(e.g., Counseling, Health Services and Residential Life personnel) to have a working knowledge of the symptoms of eating disorders as well as the dangers associated with them so ... APPENDIX A Behavior Checklist Questions Used to Meas...

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