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Little blue penguin


Penguin and LittleBlue

Penguin and LittleBlue

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An Analysis of Communication during the Aggressive Interactions of LittleBluePenguins (Eudyptula minor) - Penguin Biology - 15

15 - an analysis of communication during the aggressive interactions of littlebluepenguins (eudyptula minor)JOSEPH R. WAASELSEVIERPenguin BiologyWaas JR. An analysis of communication during the aggressive interactions of littleblue...

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Further Notes on the Breeding of the LittleBluePenguin

emu, bird , birds , ornithology , austral ornithology, avian biology, avian ecology , avian evolution , biology , conservation biology , applied ornithology , Southern Hemisphere , Australia , Australian , Australasian , international...

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Natural Foraging and Breeding Behaviours of the LittleBluePenguin Eudyptula minor Including Recommendations for a Captive Population

The BluePenguin (Eudyptula minor) belongs to the family Spheniscidae, a distinctivegroup of flightless, pelagic seabirds that inhabit the Southern hemisphere. Thesmallest of the penguin species, the BluePenguin weighs approximately ...

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Development and characterisation of 20 novel microsatellite markers for the littlebluepenguin ( Eudyptula minor ) using next-gener...

The world’s smallest penguin, Eudyptula minor , exhibits substantial mtDNA differentiation among populations, suggesting the possibility of multiple ta...

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The breeding biology of the littlebluepenguin Eudyptula minor on Somes/Matiu Island : a thesis submitted to the Victoria Universit...

Abstract Thesis (M.Sc.)--Victoria University of Wellington, 1997. Includes bibliography.

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Penguin and LittleBlue (Book)

Reviews the book "Penguin and LittleBlue," by Catherine Threadgill, illustrated by Katherine Tillotson.

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Economical genotyping of littlebluepenguin (Eudyptula minor) clades from feather-based DNA

Determination of clade membership is a crucial requirement for many research questions addressing phylogeography, population structure, mating patterns,...

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Morphometrical analysis of four populations of the LittleBluePenguin, Eudyptula minor

Variations in coloration, external morphology and plasma protein between four populations of the LittleBluePenguin, E. minor were determined. A south-...

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