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Do you own your ownwebpage?

Urges caution to companies which have World Wide Webpages, on issues relating to ownership of the page. Example of a firm which wanted to make changes to the page, but encountered resistance from the designer; The designer's demand f...

Stars: 35 Updated: February 26th,2018

Tracking user micro-interactions with webpage advertising

In connection with display of advertising within Webpages, an applet is downloaded to the user's Web browser to track the user's interactions with the Webpage. Tracked user interactions include mouse cursor position, time displayed ...

Stars: 74 Updated: February 26th,2018

Make Your Own Physical Education WebPage With FileMaker Home Page.

Make Your Own Physical Education WebPage With FileMaker Home Page.Mohnsen, BonnieMcCollum, Marilyn...

Stars: 86 Updated: February 26th,2018

Creating your OwnWebPage

This session can't expect to cover all this material in detail. The goal is to teach you enough to understand the broad concepts of the Web, to help you reach an informed decision about the value of the Web both as a resource and as a...

Stars: 31 Updated: February 26th,2018

Make your ownWebpage

Previews Prodigy Personal WebPages, to be introduced in May 1995. How it could make every Prodigy member aWeb publisher; How it will be used.

Stars: 26 Updated: February 26th,2018

Apparatus, system, and method for cloning webpage designs or avatar designs

An apparatus, system, and method are disclosed for facilitating the copying or cloning and optional modification of webpage and avatar designs.

Stars: 98 Updated: February 26th,2018

Graphics & Webpage design

Unless you are a designer by training or study, you are much like a person who has been exposedto food for most of your life but still know next to nothing about food, biochemistry, or nutrition.Your idea of nutrition may be Spam on W...

Stars: 38 Updated: February 26th,2018

Method of based remote JavaScript function call of webpage

The present invention permits a JavaScript-based Remote Procedure Call (RPC) to be executed from aWebpage displayed in aWeb browser window, without utilizing browser plug-in, Java Applet, or ActiveX technology. Traditionally, clunk...

Stars: 75 Updated: February 26th,2018

Make Your OwnWebPage: A Guide for Kids

Guidelines to help plan and design awebsite include instructions on creating hypertext links, tips on adding graphics, and sample Webpages

Stars: 49 Updated: February 26th,2018

Implementing an Online Writable WebPage System and Its Applications

WWW has developed rapidly, and it is becoming easy to make personal web sites. In general, we create and edit webpages by using a HTML authoring softwa...

Stars: 87 Updated: February 26th,2018

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