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Wax-free furniturepolish with silicone components

A wax-free silicone containing furniturepolish is prepared using 1) a low viscosity silicone fluid and a silicone gum; or 2) a low visosity silicone fluid and a polydiorganosiloxane; or 3) a low visocity silicone fluid, a silicone gu...

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Film-forming emulsion polish compositions containing copolymeric siloxanes

Disclosed are emulsion polish compositions comprising a copolymeric siloxane selected from the group consisting of a poly(dimethyl)-co-poly(methylalkyl) siloxane polymer, a poly(dimethyl)-co-poly(meth... The present invention is thus...

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Polish compositions

On testing as a furniturepolish the composition was found to have a very low propensity to smearing, and to exhibit rapid smear recovery, in the unusual event of smearing. ... The ingredients mentioned in the table below were blende...

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Thus by using the doped TiO2 and/or ZnO and/or reduced ZnO it may be possible to use less antioxidant or make the formulation longer lasting. The organic solvents are typically ...polymer either as the active ingredient as in some var...

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Furniturepolish concentrate and formulations

On décrit un concentré d'encaustique pour meubles, ainsi qu'une composition d'encaustique pour meubles formulée à partir d'un tel concentré. Describes a concentrate of furniturepolish and a polish composition for furnituremade...

Stars: 57 Updated: February 20th,2018

The use of polymers as furniturepolishes

An all aqueous furniturepolish and a method of protecting furniture is disclosed. The method utilizes an aqueous emulsion polymer containing a hydrophobic monomer to provide water, oil, food, and dirt resistant coatings on furniture.

Stars: 52 Updated: February 20th,2018

Polish Composition

An optionally VOC-free silicone containing furniturepolish is prepared using one or both of 1) a low viscosity silicone fluid and 2) a polydiorganosiloxane; and 3) a phosphonic acid dispersant together with water and one or more suit...

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Non-homogenized multi-surface polish compositions

Pat. No. 4,354,871 relates to an emulsion cleaner polish for the treatment of furniture surfaces which imparts excellent gloss and cleaning properties. The emulsion contains a film ...The British Patent discloses the formation of a wa...

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Nail cleanser

A nail cleanser containing sodium ethylenediamine tetraacetic acid, urea and water. When applied to nails it removes various stains such as tobacco, nail pigment, shoe polish, furniturepolish and hair dyes.

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Industrial metal polishes use abrasives to make surfaces smooth and reflective, and household polishes control tarnish and clean. Gloss and protection are provided by shoe polishes, which are either self-polishing liquids, emulsion cr...

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