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Symbolic interaction and intercultural theatre performance dynamics in Uganda : the case of MakerereUniversitys Intercultural Theat...

Thesis (PhD)--Stellenbosch University, 2014.

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Doctoral training in Uganda: evaluation of mentoring best practices at Makerereuniversity college of health sciences

Background Good mentoring is a key variable for determining success in completing a doctoral program. We identified prevailing mentoring practices among...

Stars: 151 Updated: February 16th,2018

An Examination of the Completion Rate of Masters Programs at MakerereUniversity Business School

This study was carried out to examine the completion rate for masters’ degree programs at MakerereUniversity Business School. We investigated the dela...

Stars: 124 Updated: February 16th,2018

Unpacking the Anatomy of the Mpeketoni Attacks in Kenya

tendencies in Kenya and the Al Shabaab insurgency in Somalia pointing to prospective interaction between the two conflict ...30pm while recreational centres in Mpeketoni were showing the Ecuador versus Switzerland match of the 2014 FI...

Stars: 72 Updated: February 16th,2018

Doctoral Education and Institutional Research Capacity Strengthening: An Example at MakerereUniversity in Uganda (2000–2013)

Bilateral research cooperation between Sweden (Sida/SAREC) and Uganda has supported major advances in institutional research capacity strengthening at M...

Stars: 164 Updated: February 16th,2018

Association between Maternal Pelvis Height and Intrapartum Foetal Head Moulding in Ugandan Mothers with Spontaneous Vertex Deliveries

used by automotive vehicle engineers to mark off the contribution pelvis bones to total height in crash test dummies [15... Ethical considerations for the parent study [17] included obtaining ethical approval from the Makerere Univers...

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