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Mal de debarquement syndrome


The relationship between symptom severity, stigma, illness intrusiveness and depression in MaldeDebarquementSyndrome

MaldeDebarquementSyndrome is a neurological disorder of motion perception, triggered by external motion. This study aimed to determine the importance...

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Repetitive transcranial magnetic stimulation for MaldeDebarquementSyndrome

Objective: Maldedebarquementsyndrome (MdDS) is a chronic disorder of imbalance characterized by a feeling of rocking and swaying. The disorder starts...

Stars: 96 Updated: February 20th,2018

Persistent maldedebarquementsyndrome: A motion-induced subjective disorder of balance

Six patients with a distinct syndrome of persistent sensations of imbalance are presented. Common features included onset following a period of motion exposure, symptoms lasting months to years, mild unsteadiness and anxiety, minimal ...

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Readaptation of the Vestibulo-Ocular Reflex Relieves the MalDeDebarquementSyndrome

The MaldeDebarquementSyndrome (MdDS), a continuous feeling of swaying, rocking and/or bobbing, generally follows travel on the sea. The associated sy...

Stars: 107 Updated: February 20th,2018

Maldedebarquementsyndrome: a forgotten entity?

Maldedebarquementsyndrome is defined by a persistent sensation of rocking and swaying commonly felt with sea travel that is first noted on return to land. Maldedebarquementsyndrome is not to be confused with seasickness, which c...

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react-text: 374 The maldedebarquementsyndrome (MdDS), a continuous feeling of swaying, rocking, and/or bobbing, generally follows travel on the sea. The associated symptoms cause considerable distress. The underlying neural mechani...

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Social, societal, and economic burden of maldedebarquementsyndrome

Maldedebarquementsyndrome (MdDS) is a disorder of phantom perception of self-motion of unknown cause. The purpose of this work was to describe the qu...

Stars: 86 Updated: February 20th,2018

Metabolic and functional connectivity changes in maldedebarquementsyndrome.

Background Individuals with maldedebarquementsyndrome (MdDS) experience a chronic illusion of self-motion triggered by prolonged exposure to passive ...

Stars: 98 Updated: February 20th,2018

The maldedebarquementsyndrome

Abstract A personal series of 10 cases of the maldedebarquementsyndrome seen over a 30-month period is presented. All the patients were female. This condition is probably more common than the literature would indicate, and may be d...

Stars: 38 Updated: February 20th,2018

Effects of persistent Maldedebarquementsyndrome on balance, psychological traits, and motor cortex exctiability

Abstract Maldedebarquementsyndrome (MdDS) is a poorly characterized and understood disorder of perceived motion. We sought to characterize postural c...

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