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Male chastity belts



Bernard Khoo...

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Beyond ChastityBelts

Beyond ChastityBeltsDigitalGeorgetown RepositoryDigitalGeorgetown Home Bioethics Research Library Bioethics Literature and Resources EthxWeb: Literature in Bioethics View Item Beyond ChastityBeltsShow full item record Title: Be...

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Chastitybelts and birthing girdles

Chastitybelts have been the subject of schoolroom and music hall humour for as long as most of us can remember. But did they really exist and for the p...

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Architectural chastitybelts

ABSTRACT: As the Italian thirst for excellence and knowledge burgeoned throughout the Quattrocento, the genre of instructional literature responded accordingly to social demands. Offering advice on a wide range of experience from the ...

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Lock-Up: ChastityBelts Are on the 'Incline' | The Tyee

Chastitybelts have always been among my bondage fantasies, although at first I only fantasized about women's belts, since I was not aware of the existence of malebelts. Most of my bondage and CB fantasies are about women. When I w...

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ChastityBeltScience Museum...

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China's chastitybelt

The article presents a reprint of the article "China's ChastityBelt," by Shen Liang, which appeared in the previous issue of "Southern Weekly." It explores the Chinese tradition wherein many Chinese families encourage their daughters...

Stars: 31 Updated: March 21st,2018

Mating Plugs: Male Dwarf Spiders Create Their Own ChastityBelts For Females

People may associate the concept of the chastitybelt with medieval Europe but other parts of the animal kingdom used them long before that.Male dwarf spiders, for instance, have evolved a mechanical safeguard to ensure their paternit...

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Chastitybelts and planktotrophic larvae: Constraints on gecarcinid reproductive behaviour

Abstract Land crabs of the family Gecarcinidae all have planktotrophic larval development in the sea, with five or six zoeae and one megalopa. This imposes two constraints on the crabs. Firstly, females must migrate to the sea, someti...

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Chastitybelts in gartersnakes: the functional significance of mating plugs

Abstract Male red-sided gartersnakes (Tfiamnophis sirtalis parietalis) deposit a thick gelatinous plug that occludes the female cloaca after copulation...

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