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Sally Floyd (comics)

Sally Floyd is a fictional character that appears in comic books published by Marvel Comics. The character first appeared...-Day cases, writing about well-known mutants who had lost their powers and producing a series of article profi...

Stars: 26 Updated: February 23rd,2018

Jeremy Renner: An Avenger before He's 'Bourne'

As the newest Marvelcharacter thrown into the mix, playing Hawkeye is Renner's first foray into the world of ...U.S. Energy and Environmental Interest Groups: Institutional Profiles Lettie McSpadden Wenner. Greenwood Press, 1990 ...

Stars: 75 Updated: February 23rd,2018

The Marvel Universe Roleplaying Game

A role-playing game enables Marvel fans to emulate more than forty favorite heroes or villains including Spider-Man, the X-Men, and Daredevil, in a guide that includes game system rules, characterprofiles, and a beginning adventure c...

Stars: 47 Updated: February 23rd,2018

Isaacson to woo retailers for Marvel

Profiles Helen Isaacson, external vice president of worldwide licensing at Marvel Comics Group. Development of stronger retail ties as her priority; Previous job at Turner Home Entertainment; International experience in her job.

Stars: 47 Updated: February 23rd,2018

Marvel Super Hero Poster Book

Learn all about the Marvel universe with characterprofiles and 15 posters to stick on the wall, including one giant poster of many Marvel heroes. Includes all of the popular characters such as Iron Man, Thor, X-Men and the...

Stars: 38 Updated: February 23rd,2018

Character building takes place at Marvel

Profiles Helen Isaacson, executive vice-president in charge of licensing at Marvel Entertainment Group. Information on Isaacson's future plans for the company; Comments from Isaacson.

Stars: 52 Updated: February 23rd,2018

The Batman Adventures

a Captain America figurine, and a 48-page book including fascinating history and characterprofiles, complete with full...TM & (c) 2012 Marvel & Subs.Running Press...

Stars: 27 Updated: February 23rd,2018

Faculty Profile of Dr. Maunder, Marvel Lee at the University of North Texas at Denton

Faculty Profile of Dr. Maunder, Marvel Lee at the University of North Texas at Denton

Stars: 111 Updated: February 23rd,2018

MegaTraveller 1: The Zhodani Conspiracy

The character creation process begins with the player being presented with basic characterprofiles possessing randomly ...primarily known for their work on role-playing video games based on Marvel Comics franchises and GDW role-playi...

Stars: 51 Updated: February 23rd,2018

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series in the history of American comic books, second only to Marvel's Conan series (first issue released in 1970...Sonic World's CharacterProfiles (in English) ^ Sega of America. "Tails's official characterprofile from Sega of...

Stars: 138 Updated: February 23rd,2018

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