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Developing realistic mathematicseducation

Deze studie vindt zijn oorsprong in de ontwikkeling van een onderwijsprogramma voor rekenen-wiskunde voor de basisschool. Dit ontwikkelwerk vond plaats in het project Onderwijs en Sociaal Milieu (OSM) en resulteerde in de methode 'Rek...

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Everybody Counts. A Report to the Nation on the Future of MathematicsEducation.

In response to the urgent national need to revitalize mathematics and science education, the National Research Council (NRC) has undertaken an examinati...

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Research on affect in mathematicseducation: A reconceptualization.

ABSTRACT begins by considering alternative theoretical foundations for research on affect / Mandler's (1984) theory, an approach to research on affect that is based on cognitive psychology, is selected for further discussion, particu...

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International handbook of mathematicseducation. Parts 1 and 2

A student comes to class excited. She tells you she has figured out a theory you never told the class. She says she has discovered that as the perimeter of a closed figure increases, the area also increases. She shows you two pictures...

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Technology and mathematicseducation

Search all the public and authenticated articles in CiteULike. Include unauthenticated resultstoo (may include "spam") Enter a search phrase. You can al...

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This comprehensive book is a state-of-the-art review of research and practices of mathematicseducation in Singapore. It traces the fascinating journey ...

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Mathematical Enculturation: A Cultural Perspective on MathematicsEducation.

Describes the understanding, nature, and meaning of mathematical culture and the implications of mathematical culture for mathematicseducation. (YP)

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Revisiting MathematicsEducation: China Lectures.

This book is a product of love and respect. If that sounds rather odd I initially apologise, but let me explain why I use those words. The original manu...

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Everybody Counts. A Report to the Nation on the Future of MathematicsEducation. Summary.

Abstract S. 31: Mathematics is a science of pattern and order.

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International Handbook of MathematicsEducation

, International handbook of mathematicseducation (pp. 877–908). Dordrecht: Kluwer Academic Publishers.Borovcnik M, Peard R (1996) Probability. In: Bis...

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