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And from them, we can know what is the gloryofGod. Let us confine...What is the meaningof the wheels? Wheels mean "motion, progress, onward...

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pspan style=font-family: arial,helvetica;The reference to the emimago Dei/em in 1 Corinthians 11:7 has been largely ignored, probably because what it se...

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British Imperialism: Gold, GodandGlory. Edited by Robin W. Winks. New York: Holt, Rinehart and Winston, 1963. 122 pp. $1.50

British Imperialism: Gold, God, Glory. Edited by WinksRobin. New York: Holt, Rinehart and Winston, 1963. Pp. 122. $1.50. - Volume 5 Issue 1 - George Shepperson

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God, Guns, GoldandGlory

God, Guns, GoldandGloryLauren LangmanGeorge Lundskow...

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God, games and national glory: thanksgiving and the ritual of sport in American culture, 1876-1926.

The emergence of the modern American nation-state (the USA) during the late 19th century called for new devices and traditions to define its meaningand...

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For GodandGlory: Lord Nelson and His Way of War

content: The Journal of Military History 68.1 (2004) 252-253 For GodandGlory: Lord Nelson and His Way of ...commemorative events produce in the way of re-examining and reinterpreting the meaningof significant historical events...

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God, Gold, or Glory: Norman Piety and the First Crusade

ABSTRACT Recent trends in crusade historiography depict the Frankish participants of the First Crusade as acting out of piety, while their Norman counterparts remain as impious opportunists. This thesis challenges this prevailing poi...

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Gold, Glory, Godand Global Governance: The Re-Colonization of Kenya and Zimbabwe?

Gold, Glory, Godand Global Governance: The Re-Colonization of Kenya and Zimbabwe?Sharlach, Lisa B...

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God, Guns, GoldandGlory. American Character and its Discontents, Brill, 2016, 428ff.

inclusive society, one that will enable socialism, genuine, participatory democracy and a humanist framework ofmeaning...Langman, Lauren, and George Lundskow. 2016. God, Guns, GoldandGlory: American Character and Its Discontents...

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Meditations on the GloryofGod [Paperback]

Dr. Fowler also shares with his readers God's infinite fullness. "All He is, all He has done, and is doing. Life is only life when life's meaning is to be" 'filled with the knowledge of the gloryof the Lord.' Habakkuk...

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