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Michigan concealed carry legislation


The effect of nondiscretionary concealed weapon carrying laws on homicide.

BACKGROUND: Historically, the carrying of concealed firearms has been either substantially restricted or prohibited outright. Over the past two decades,...

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We analyze the timing and pattern of adoption of "shall issue" concealed-carry handgun laws. "Shall issue" laws require the authorities to issue permits...

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Multiple Victim Public Shootings, Bombings, and Right-to-CarryConcealed Handgun Laws: Contrasting Private and Public Law Enforcement

Few events obtain the same instant worldwide news coverage as multiple victim public shootings. These crimes allow us to study the alternative methods used to k

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Gun Control: States' Laws and Requirements for ConcealedCarry Permits Vary across the Nation

A letter report issued by the Government Accountability Office with an abstract that begins "The number of states allowing concealedcarry permits is in...

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The Impact of Concealed-Carry Laws

Thirty-three states have “shall-issue” laws that require law enforcement authorities to issue permits to carryconcealed weapons to any qualified applicant who requests one—that is, to adults with no documented record of significan...

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Right‐to‐CarryConcealed Weapon Laws and Homicide in Large U.S. Counties: The Effect on Weapon Types, Victim Characteristics, and ...

Recently, a number of states have enacted laws that allow citizens to carryconcealed weapons. This “natural experiment” was analyzed by John Lott and...

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The Impact of Concealed-Carry Laws

The Impact of Concealed-Carry LawsJOHN J. DONOHUE...

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States debate 'carryingconcealed weapons'laws

ON THE SAME day that demolition experts imploded Oklahoma City's symbol of homegrown terrorism, Oklahoma legislators made a curious decision.They overha...

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Concealed-gun-carrying laws and violent crime: evidence from state panel data ☆

A recent study concludes that permissive concealed-handgun carrying (or "shall-issue") laws have sharply reduced crime rates, including the rate of homi...

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The Impact of Right-to-CarryConcealed Firearm Laws on Mass Public Shootings

Right-to-carry (RTC) laws mandate that concealed weapon permits be granted to qualifiedapplicants. Such laws could reduce the number of mass public shootings as prospectiveshooters consider the possibility of encountering armed civili...

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