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Mild esophageal dysmotility


Association between esophagealdysmotility and gastroesophaeal reflux on barium studies.

To determine whether there is an association between abnormal primary peristalsis in the esophagus and gastroesophageal reflux (GER) on barium studies...

Stars: 113 Updated: February 23rd,2018

EsophagealDysmotility in Patients with Non-obstructive Dysphagia: Studies Using Combined Manometry and Impedance


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Esophagealdysmotility in scleroderma: A prospective study of 183 cases

Les troubles moteurs œsophagiens sont fréquents dans la sclérodermie, notamment en cas de symptômes cliniques œsophagiens. Ils ne semblent pas a...

Stars: 91 Updated: February 23rd,2018

Esophagealdysmotility: characterization and pathophysiology.

Abstract Esophagealdysmotility is a considerable long-term issue in patients born with esophageal atresia (EA). To better characterize it, the normal e...

Stars: 78 Updated: February 23rd,2018

Esophagealdysmotility associated with systemic sclerosis: a high-resolution manometry study.

Esophageal involvement occurs in about 80% of patients with systemic sclerosis, with a marked diminution of peristaltic pressures in the distal two-thir...

Stars: 120 Updated: February 23rd,2018

Esophagealdysmotility is more common than gastroparesis in diabetes mellitus and is associated with retinopathy

Gastroparesis is a well-known complication of diabetes mellitus, both in symptomatic and asymptomatic patients. Esophagealdysmotility has also been des...

Stars: 144 Updated: February 23rd,2018

Esophagealdysmotility in young dogs.

Background:Abnormal esophagealmotility can exist without megaesophagus, although its prevalence in dogs is unknown and its cause has not been elucidated.

Stars: 47 Updated: February 23rd,2018

Using the radionuclide salivagram to detect pulmonary aspiration and esophagealdysmotility.

That the radionuclide "milk" scan is insensitive for aspiration has been demonstrated. Here the authors review their experience with the radionuclide sa...

Stars: 118 Updated: February 23rd,2018

Calcium channel blockers in dysphagia secondary to esophagealdysmotility

Presents a letter to the editor about two cases of esophagealdysmotility and severe dysphagia.

Stars: 94 Updated: February 23rd,2018

Improvement of esophagealdysmotility after conversion from gastric banding to gastric bypass.

Patients undergoing adjustable gastric banding can develop clinically apparent alterations in esophagealmotility. There is little data on how such pati...

Stars: 121 Updated: February 23rd,2018

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