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Campaigns, Reflection, and Deliberation: Advancing an O-S-R-O-R ModelofCommunication Effects

Abstract Recent communication research concerning participatory politics has found that the effects of media, especially campaign ads, conventional news...

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A ModelofCommunication

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A Random Matrix ModelofCommunication Via Antenna Arrays

A Random Matrix ModelofCommunication Via Antenna ArraysMember, AssociateR. R. Muller, "A Random Matrix ModelofCommunication Via Antenna Arrays," IEEE Trans. Inform. Theory, vol. 48, no. 9, pp. 2495 - 2506, 2002.R. R. Muller, "Rand...

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A Dual-Capacity ModelofCommunication Media Choice in Organizations

Most previous research concerning communication media choke in organizations has stressed the capacity of media to convey data. More recently, scholars have examined the capacity of media to convey and manifest meaning. Rarely have bo...

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An Integrated ModelofCommunication, Stress, and Burnout in the Workplace.

This research presents an integration of past research and theory that models the impact of stressful aspects of the workplace and key communication var...

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A Staged ModelofCommunication Effects: Evidence from an Entertainment-Education Radio Soap Opera in Tanzania

The authors draw on the hierarchy-of-effects model the stages-of-change model social learning theory and the diffusion of innovations to synthesize a ...

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Corrigendum: Language, Meaning, and Games: A ModelofCommunication, Coordination, and Evolution

Language, meaning and games - A modelofcommunication, coordination and evolution

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Beauty and the Beholder: Toward an Integrative ModelofCommunication Source Effects

We present a framework applicable to market communications that prominently feature the message source, with little or no argumentation. Based on dual‐...

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A modelof empathic communication in the medical interview.

Abstract OBJECTIVE: To formulate an empirically derived modelof empathic communication in medical interviews by describing the specific behaviors and p...

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A random matrix modelofcommunication via antenna arrays

A random matrix model is introduced that probabilistically describes the spatial and temporal multipath propagation between a transmitting and receiving...

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