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Mohs defect closure


Linear closure for nasal defects after Mohs micrographic surgery

Abstract BACKGROUND: Skin cancers on the nose are very common. Excision of these tumors results in surgical defects that can pose a challenge to repair...

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Utilization of a new tissue expander in the closure of a large Mohs surgical defect.

Malignant proliferating trichilemmal tumor (MPTT) is a rare neoplasm originating in the outer sheath of a hair follicle that often presents as a slowly ...

Stars: 109 Updated: March 21st,2018

The rationale for direct linear closure of facial Mohs' defects

Closing Mohs' defects is a challenging undertaking for surgeons. There are many methods, including linear repair, local flaps, and skin grafts. Traditio...

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Vacuum-assisted closure device and skin substitutes for complex Mohsdefects.

Vacuum-assisted closure device and skin substitutes for complex Mohsdefects.HumansScalpCarcinoma, Squamous CellNeoplasms, Second PrimaryNeoplasm Recurrence, LocalPhotosensitivity DisordersReconstructive Surgical ProceduresSkin Transp...

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An intraoperative skin-stretching device to close wounds in Mohsdefects

available when this device is used in Mohs surgery.METHODSWe applied a skin-stretching device to seven patients, each of whom had a large, complex wound defect following Mohs surgery...The remaining patients experienced no complicatio...

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Barbed absorbable suture closure for large Mohs surgery defect.

Section Editor: Edward W. Cowen, MD, MHSc; Assistant Section Editors: Murad Alam, MD; Ruth Ann Vleugels, MD Article InformationCorresponding Author: Jo...

Stars: 82 Updated: March 21st,2018

The use of the SMAS to close Mohsdefects invading the parotid gland

However, there is scant information in the dermatologic literature regarding the use of the SMAS when closing Mohsdefects overlying the parotid gland. OBJECTIVE: Our purpose is to introduce to the dermatologic surgery literature the ...

Stars: 87 Updated: March 21st,2018

A modified running subcuticular suturing technique for the closure of defects after Mohs micrographic surgery

Background. The running subcuticular suturing technique is useful for the closure of surgical defects with minimal tension. Objective. To determine ...

Stars: 142 Updated: March 21st,2018

Common patterns of reconstruction for Mohsdefects in the head and neck.

The number of patients presenting for reconstruction after Mohs surgery has been increasing in recent years. Reconstructive surgeons are faced with diverse defects of different sizes and locations. The aim of this study was to examine...

Stars: 92 Updated: March 21st,2018

A regional survey of purse-string sutures for partial and complete closure of Mohs surgical defects

Abstract BACKGROUND: The purse-string suture is a method for partial and complete closure of circular surgical defects. OBJECTIVE: Short-term and long-t...

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