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Attachment to the Missing Object: Infidelity and ObsessiveLove

In an object relations study on infidelity and obsessivelove, the author observes that in relationships marked by chronic, repetitive infidelity and ob...

Stars: 81 Updated: March 25th,2018


Describes the paradox of being obsessed in love. Different types of obsession; Allowing obsession to translate into not even liking onesself; The seductive trap of being obsessed in love; Details.

Stars: 17 Updated: March 25th,2018

ObsessiveLove; Self

Read the full-text online article and more details about "ObsessiveLove; Self" by Slater, Sasha - Daily Mail (London), January 28, 2002

Stars: 25 Updated: March 25th,2018


Discusses obsessivelove. Author's counseling of the late Nicole Brown Simpson, who was murdered allegedly by her ex-husband O.J. Simpson; Difference between obsession and love; General characteristics of obsessive lovers; Pursuit tac...

Stars: 17 Updated: March 25th,2018

Senses of Cinema

Holy Whore, based like so many Fassbinder movies on a personal experience – the shooting of his earlier Whitey (1970) – shows a film crew beset by production problems, waiting for the director and star to show up, and they slowly tr...

Stars: 21 Updated: March 25th,2018

'Addicted to Love' an Offbeat, Romantic Comedy That Works

Still, the dark and weirdly endearing "Addicted to Love" dabbles in Hitchcock's favorite elements of obsessivelove, neurotic blondes and a cool voyeuristic device that would have ... Subjects: 'Addicted to Love' an Offbeat, Romantic...

Stars: 85 Updated: March 25th,2018

The patterning of obsessivelove in Lolita and Possessed

Répétitions, doubles, et mises en abyme sont une constante dans l'œuvre de Nabokov, et Lolita en est l'un des meilleurs exemples. Une de ces répétitions dans le temps et l'espace est quand Humbert Humbert se remémore les événe...

Stars: 72 Updated: March 25th,2018

ObsessiveLove: Samson and Delilah Go to the Movies

ObsessiveLove: Samson and Delilah Go to the Moviesdoi:10.1163/9789004262362_015Reinhold ZwickBrillSamson: Hero or Fool?...

Stars: 65 Updated: March 25th,2018

ObsessiveLove: When Passion Holds You Prisoner (Book)

Reviews the book "ObsessiveLove: When Passion Holds You Prisoner," by Susan Forward and Craig Buck.

Stars: 69 Updated: March 25th,2018

A novel aboutobsessivelove, lies and video

A novel aboutobsessivelove, lies and videoBy ANN LEVIN...

Stars: 55 Updated: March 25th,2018

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