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Mulago paramedical school admisions


Thrombosis in the young: epidemiology and risk factors. A focus on venous thrombosis

the increased levels of factor VIII in those aged 55 and older is an age-effect, äs is an increasing frequency of surgery, hospital admissions and other medical conditions that ...Two cases of ho- mozygous antithrombin III deficienc...

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The joint effect of apolipoprotein E epsilon4 and MRI findings on lower-extremity function and decline in cognitive function

(a) ApoE helps to maintain the dendritic cytoskeleton, as shown by homozy- gous ApoE deficient mice that display significant loss of synapses and marked dendritic disruption with age ...A short physical perfor- mance battery assessing...

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Analysis of medicaladmissions to Mulago Hospital, 1957.

Ramchander V, Bratt D, Joseph E.

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Increasing prevalence of tuberculosis among Mulago Hospital admissions, Kampala, Uganda (1985-1989).

In Uganda a review of case records of all 6205 tuberculosis (TB) patients who were in the Mulago Hospital Tuberculosis Unit in Kampala in 1985-1989 conf...

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Admissions to Mulago Hospital special care baby unit (SCU) 1971-1975, a retrospective study

Admissions to Mulago Hospital special care baby unit (SCU) 1971-1975, a retrospective study.CARDIAC MUSCLESKELETAL MUSCLETHIN FILAMENTSRHODAMINE-PHALLOI...

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Cardiac troponin T levels for risk stratification in acute myocardial ischemia. GUSTO IIA Investigators

Re- gression modeling showed no interaction between the electrocardiographic category and the troponin T level in predicting ...without tro- ponin T elevations, and they approached the rates seen in patients with myocardial infarction...

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The pattern of adult neurological admissions to Mulago hospital, Kampala.

The pattern of adult neurological admissions to Mulago hospital, Kampala.(PMID:5509172)Abstract Citations BioEntities Related Articles External Link...

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A study of medicaladmissions to Mulago Hospital, Kampala.

The medicaladmissions to Mulago Hospital in Uganda during the period of June 1966-May 1968 were analyzed and compared with data from earlier analyses...

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Emergency obstetric referrals to Mulago hospital: Sources, immediate maternal and fetal outcomes

Within 72hrs after admis: Maternal and Child mortality, as largely avoidable causes of death are an important focus of international development, thus millennium development goals (MDGs) 4 and 5. The Uganda maternal mortality ratio (M...

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Interleukin-8 in sepsis: relation to shock and inflammatory mediators

When the patients with definite sepsis were divided into four groups (each consisting of nine patients) on the basis of their IL-8 levels on admis- sion, it appeared that the group with the highest levels also had the highest incidenc...

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