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MultinationalCompanies from Emerging Economies

Composition, Conceptualization and Direction in the Global Economy

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There is no simple definition of a multinational business. The Geneva Statistical Office describes a multinational as a “company or group of companies of relatively important size whose principal activities (production or services) a...

Stars: 29 Updated: September 10th,2018

Country of origin effects and HRM in multinationalcompanies

A paper discusses the country-of-origin factor in international management of human resource and industrial relations issues in multinationalcompanies ...

Stars: 77 Updated: September 10th,2018

Talent Management and HRM in Multinationalcompanies in Beijing: Definitions, differences and drivers ☆

Talent Management (TM) has attracted increasing attention from academics and practitioners in recent years, but there are many gaps and omissions left f...

Stars: 135 Updated: September 10th,2018

Host country specific factors and the transfer of human resource management practices in multinationalcompanies

This paper concerns the transfer of human resource management (HRM) practices by multinationalcompanies (MNCs) to their overseas subsidiaries. It inves...

Stars: 144 Updated: September 10th,2018

Multinational Scanning: A Study of the Information Sources Utilized by Headquarters Executives in MultinationalCompanies

This article presents the findings of an empirical study of the scanning of the external environment by executives responsible for international operati...

Stars: 156 Updated: September 10th,2018

Strategic management in multinationalcompanies /

The evolution of multinationalcompanies (MNCs) over the last decade has been characterized by a growing conflict between the requirements for economic ...

Stars: 62 Updated: September 10th,2018

MultinationalCompanies and the Natural Environment: Determinants of Global Environmental Policy Standardization

This study analyzes the determinants of global standardization of multinationalcompanies' environmental policies. Survey data from the chemical industr...

Stars: 144 Updated: September 10th,2018

Extending theory by analyzing developing country multinationalcompanies: Solving the Goldilocks debate

I analyze how the study of developing country multinationalcompanies (DMNCs) can help extend theory. The renewed interest in DMNCs has generated a ‘Go...

Stars: 133 Updated: September 10th,2018

Multinationalcompanies and indigenous development: An empirical analysis

This paper presents an empirical study of the effect of foreign multinationalcompanies on the development of indigenous firms in the host country. Our ...

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