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My sunburn is purple



When used as a dosimeter to prevent sunburn, each shade of the color chart can advantageously have marked thereon the time in minutes that an individual can safely sunbathe. For example, depending upon the dosage of radiation required...

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Strawberry Star™ Caladium—A Spotted, Fancy-Leaved Variety for Use in Containers and Landscapes

'Strawberry Star' is distinct from 'Cranberry Star', a variety released in 2007 that has burgundy/purple spots on its leaves. 'Strawberry Star' is much improved over 'Cranberry Star...'Strawberry Star' received the highest sunburn tol...

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Compositions for topical application and other products from fresh beeswaxes

burns due to sunburn, windburn, scalds, flash flame, electrical contact, chemical contact, cold, and the like, for use as a preventive aid for sunburn, windburns, skin chapping...Over the next twelve hours the purple color faded to n...

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Meerkerk Hybrid Test Garden Results, 2000

This early bloomer erects huge macabeanum-type trusses of large cream colored campanulate flowers with a purple blotch. The leaves are monumental in size, but they are remarkably resistant to sunburn. Give this plant a lot of space. A...

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Caladium plant named ‘UF 4424’

‘UF 4424’, characterized by its mounding, dense bushy growth habit, broad lanceolate leaves that have bright red, waxy center and undulate margins, and plants that are sunburn-... Color, shadehouse-grown plants.—Close to greyed-red...

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Selection of paprika in ancient times and today

, development rate, abiotic stress tolerance, susceptibility to sunburn and purple fruit, undesirable fruit shape and surface, lack of pungency (C gene) and undesirable flavour traits. The following traits can be selected either in th...

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Washington Hybridizers Create Plants For the Future

Rhododendron bureavii hybrids experience severe sunburn. (R. yakushimanum x 'Noyo Chief), both with beautiful foliage, produced one distinctive foliage plant, "I have stopped doing el...I shall probably cross it back on a good purple...

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Q&A: The nutrient hunter

Her demonstration garden in Washington state opens this month as her book Eating on the Wild Side (Little, Brown, 2013) emerges in paperback. She talks about eating tomatoes to protect from sunburn, why bitter is better -- and how pur...

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‘Fairytale Princess’ and ‘Red Hot’ — Red Lance-leaved Caladium Cultivars

Venation pattern is pinnate, with as many as 16 greyed-purple veins radiating from a central main vein of red and connecting marginally with a thin greyed-purple vein that parallels...‘Fairytale Princess’ seems to be more productive...

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