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Nasa secret videos of ufos


NASA discovers a soggy secretof El Niño

NASA-funded researchers have discovered El Niño's soggy secret. When scientists identified rain patterns in the Pacific Ocean, they discovered the secretof how El Niño moves rainfall around the globe during the life of these perio...

Stars: 52 Updated: February 25th,2018

Whistleblowers’ evidence ofNASAUFO fraud might kill UK hacker case

Evidence that U.S. space agency NASA has defrauded U.S. taxpayers for billions of dollars could scrap NASA’s case against UK hacker Gary McKinnon. Credible witnesses have claimed that NASA has more... Four Winds 10 - News Wh...

Stars: 92 Updated: February 25th,2018

UFOlogy 2009: A Six-Decade Perspective

“another dimension” or some other nebulous realm, based upon the weight ofUFO sightings, photos and videos, alleged ... it was clear to anyone who cared about facts that the supposed Roswell crash involved a once-secret balloon-bor...

Stars: 49 Updated: February 25th,2018

NASA Scientists Find Clues to a Secretof Life

NASA Scientists Find Clues to a Secretof LifeMarch 17, 2009 NASA scientists analyzing the dust of meteorites have discovered new clues to a long-standing mystery about how life works on its most basic, molecular level. "We found more...

Stars: 59 Updated: February 25th,2018

UFOs and Aliens in Space

this same question is addressed to me repeatedly, as in: “Check out this video on YouTube with Buzz Aldrin saying he saw a UFO on Apollo 11. Who is fibbing? NASA or the ...arrival at the Red Planet, the story began to circulate that...

Stars: 31 Updated: February 25th,2018

Neil Armstrong’s UFOSecret

Neil Armstrong’s UFOSecret Home Phoenix Archives Bellringer's Corner Nesara Government History Health Spiritual Environment... BREAKING: CALIFORNIA SENATE APROVES 8 GUN CONTROL BILLS, INCLUDING AMMO REGISTRY (VIDEO) JUDGE ORDERS GOO...

Stars: 35 Updated: February 25th,2018

Official ufo investigations "The Majestic Documents"

Congressional Hearings on UFOs and Blue BookThe Robertson Panel, 1952-53NASA and UFOsFBI Investigation of the Eisenhower Briefing DocumentUFOs and Defense: What Should We Prepare For?...Both SECRET cover stories and TOP-SECRET researc...

Stars: 81 Updated: February 25th,2018

NASA Discovers a Soggy Secretof El Niño

NASA Discovers a Soggy Secretof El NiñoNASANASA Earth Observatory...

Stars: 52 Updated: February 25th,2018

Man-made UFO's: WWII's Secret Legacy

A new, revised edition of this classic book on suppressed technology and the early ìflying saucerî technology of Nazi Germany and the genesis of man-made UFOs. While the ...Examined in detail are secret underground airfields and fac...

Stars: 57 Updated: February 25th,2018

The Biggest Military Hack Ever Exposes NASASecret 'UFO'


Stars: 82 Updated: February 25th,2018

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