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The Sol Genomics Network (SGN)—from genotype to phenotype to breeding

We use the Tracticket management system ( to...SGN BLAST, has a new inter- face to find sequences based on sequence ...It also uses HTML 5 to draw graph- ical elements, which allows the ...

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Resource management system, for example, tracking and management system for trucks

newticket; customizable status calculation script; adjustable data collection frequency up to once per second; allows ...<- Previous Patent (High resolution trac...) | Next Patent (Method in positionin...) -> ...

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COMTRAC will control scheduling and route control, then will incorporate ...GROUP CONTROL SYSTEM FOR TICKET-VENDING MACHINES NEW TYPE ELECTRIC EQUIPMEN...

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A task can be defined by the user or taken from a task repository, such as bug/ticket/issue trackers like Bugzilla, Trac or JIRA. In the following description and claims, the term “document” includes pieces of structured ...

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Multiple watermarks in content

2001 SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR ISSUING AND AUTHENTICATING TICKET USING WATERMARKING...EMI “Screening Content from Compact Discs: ID Trac,” SDMII Jun. 3, 1999...These tools pose new threats. For example, a banknote can be doctored (e...

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OpenMDAO: An Open Source Framework for Multidisciplinary Analysis and Optimization

The OpenMDAO development team uses Trac to manage their own work, but Trac also manages code contribu- tions from outside developers. Once a newticket has been created, it progresses through a series of stages (states) in its ...

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