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Non polar substance


Development of a method for the extraction and determination of non-polar, dissolved organic substances in sea water

A method for extracting sea water by sorption on Amberlite XAD is described. The apparatus, sampling technique, working-up procedure and determination by gas chromatography are considered. Recovery tests with DDT, DDE, lindane, aldrin...

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Solubilization of Polar--Non-polarSubstances in Solutions of Long Chain Electrolytes

solubilization of polar--non-polarsubstances in solutions of long chain electrolytes

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A tailor-made C 87 hydrocarbon as a possible non-polar standard stationary phase for gas chromatography

It is a non-polar solvent with a working temperature range from 30掳C to about 280掳C. Being a pure substance, it has reproducible properties. The information necessary for determining the precise position of the starting point of the...

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Certain laws for the melting curve of nonpolarsubstances

OBJECTIVE: A recent meta-analysis demonstrated a nominal association of the ectonucleotide pyrophosphatase phosphodiesterase 1 (ENPP1) K-->Q missense si...

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Buccal nonpolar spray or capsule

A buccal aerosol spray or capsule using a non-polar solvent has now been developed which provides biologically active compounds for rapid absorption through the oral mucosa, resulting in fast onset of effect. The buccal aerosol spray ...

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Backone family of equations of state: 1. Nonpolar and polar pure fluids

The resulting equations for F with only three or four substance-specific parameters are tested for several nonpolar, quadrupolar, and dipolar fluids. In the correlation of large data sets good results are obtained. The significance of...

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Saturated liquid densities of polar and nonpolar pure substances

Experimental information available in the literature for the density behavior of the saturated liquid state of 46 nonpolar and polarsubstances has been...

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This invention relates to a process for the extraction of non-polarsubstances from mixtures of polar and non-polarsubstances by sorbing the non-polarsubstances on aluminum-deficient molecular sieve zeolites.

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Fiber-optic evanescent wave sensor for in situ determination of non-polar organic compounds in water

The uptake of the compounds in the sensor cladding is completely reversible with τ90 values ranging from 0.5 to 71 min depending on the molecular interaction of the substance and ...Coupled to a tungsten halogen lamp and an NIR spect...

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Dynamic Preconcentration of Organic Substances on Nonpolar Adsorbents

The possibilities of using dynamic adsorption preconcentration in the determination of organic substances were discussed. The effect of thermodynamic an...

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