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Interpersonal Conflicts of Women in Nursing Homes: An Administrative Perspective

Nursing home administrators were surveyed to evaluate women's health promotion programming in general, and the incidence of and institutional response to conflicts of women residents. About... Register for Journal Updates Editorial B...

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Keystone Conference: Yes, ConflictResolution Is A Field

My role in this panel is to advocate for conflictresolution as a field. Peter Adler and I have debated this question for many years. Many years ago, Peter and I organized a little meeting of colleagues. We asked everyone to bring to ...

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Conflictresolution by nurse managers.

Nurse managers are finding it necessary to work together with administrators, physicians, allied health professionals, and peers to meet the challenges ...

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Improving civility in the mental health nursing workplace through assertiveness training with role-play

Responses most-frequently found common to both nurse executives and nurse managers included conflictresolution, negotiation, effective communication, teamwork, collaboration, and assertiveness. ... April, and early May, 2012, the nur...

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Mediation skills for conflictresolution in nursing education

Encountering conflicts among family members in hospital produces burnout among nurses, implying a need for alternative disputeresolution training. Howe...

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Applying for Contact Hours

飩 Yes (examples include but are not limited to evidence-based practice, literature/peer reviewed journals, clinical guidelines, best practices, and content experts/expert opinions) 飩 ...Biographical/COI Data SECTION 5: CONFLICT RES...

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Resolvingconflict realistically in today's health care environment.

When used in a constructive manner, conflictresolution can help all parties involved see the whole picture, thus allowing freedom for growth and change. Conflictresolution is ...Everyone walks away a winner when conflict is resolved...

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Animosity, antagonism, and avatars: teaching conflict management in second life.

class time in short supply, and traditional clinical opportunities for teaching conflict management lacking, a virtual approach to teaching conflictresolution was explored through the use ...D. Evans and A. Curtis, `Animosity, Antag...

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Developing Inter鈥恜rofessional Training for ConflictResolution 鈥A Scoping Audit and Training Pilot

Andy Young (Mental Health Nursing, Sheffield Hallam University, UK) James Turner (Mental Health Nursing, Sheffield ...rofessional Training for ConflictResolution 鈥 A Scoping Audit and Training Pilot", Mental Health Review Journal,...

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bases LILACS, BDEnf and the virtual library SciELO, using the descriptors: management, nursing, conflict and competence. ...Becomes relevant for pointing as possible the resolution of conflicts through interpersonal competence, which ...

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