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NYPD plans to file narrowbanding waiver by end of year

EBSCOhost serves thousands of libraries with premium essays, articles and other content including NYPD plans to file narrowbanding waiver by end of year. Get access to over 12 million other articles!... high frequency (UHF) radio syst...

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Feb. 14, 2012Veterans Today Gets It Right: 9/11 Missing Links exposes inside job by ZionistsSlowly the people are beginning to see through the matrix of controlthat hasheld back theevolution of human more... NYPDradio or ...

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FBI Thought Bombs Brought Down towers On 9/11 (with Videos)

en Ashburn: "Joining me is Jack Kelley, now he is a foreign correspondent - war correspondent - and just came back from Israel. He has some information about these attacks. Jack, what can you more... NYPDradio, whil...

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The Boys from the NYPD Choir Can Sing What They like Again

Radio 1 has reversed its decision to bleep out "faggot" from the Pogues hit Fairytale Of New York.

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Customizable user interface

<p>A user interface that concurrently displays multiple panels which provide visualization of emergency call data of a law enforcement agency is disclosed. The user interface can provide a high-level... a radiocode filter, a time fil...

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War on Terror: NYPD Grieves - Thousands at Police Funeral

Measurement of Inverse-Compton X-Rays from Radio Lobes with ASCAThe grieving families of New York's firefighters have already held their memorial services and funerals. But yesterday it was the turn of the New York Police Department, ...

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The NYPD Tapes | Graham A. Rayman | Macmillan

In May 2010, NYPD officer Adrian Schoolcraft made national headlines when he released a series of secretly recorded audio tapes exposing corruption an...... In May 2010, NYPD officer Adrian ...”—Ira Glass, host of public radio'...

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Free Speech Radio News lineup - Thursday, March 07, 2002 - MyScie...

Free Speech Radio News lineup - Thursday, March 07, 2002 - MyScie...NYPD Copis free on ba...

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Leader Development for Dangerous Contexts

People were running scared; the NYPDradio was filled with a mixture of orders, screams, and confusion; and the towers in the distance had small items dripping off their sides, like drops of glue out of a bottle. One officer ...

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AFTRA Board Approves Network Code Contract

Reports on the approval of the American Federation of Television and Radio Artists' national board of its Network Code contract, which includes additional healthcare contributions over the course of the three-year contract. Provisions...

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