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Efficient Construction of Reversible Jump Markov Chain Monte Carlo Proposal Distributions

Abstract Summary. The major implementational problem for reversible jump Markov chain Monte Carlo methods is that there is commonly no natural way to c...

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Construction and evaluation of an optical pH sensor based on polyaniline–porous Vycor glass nanocomposite

This work describes the preparation of a polyaniline (Pani)–porous Vycor glass (PVG) nanocomposite and its use as sensing phase in an optical fibre pH ...

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Taxing the Gross Income of Construction Contracts

Taxing the Gross Income of Construction Contracts G. W. O. Virginia Law ReviewVol. 27, No. 2 (Dec., 1940), pp. 216-220 Published by: Virginia Law Review Article Stable URL: 10.2307/1067442 « Previ...

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Modular construction for solar heat collector

An open top housing member, the top being arranged to be closed by a solar radiation transparent covering, is arranged to be mounted in side by side and...

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Value management in construction. Case studies

Value management in construction. Case studiesOffice of Government CommerceThe Office of Government Commerce. (2007). Value Management in Construction, London. Retrieved May 12, 2008, from B R,Mc Elligott W...

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Ultrasound‐Assisted Construction of Halogen‐Bonded Nanosized Cocrystals That Exhibit Thermosensitive Luminescence

Multi-component organic nanocrystals that are comprised of two or more supramolecular building blocks can be used to extend the design and assembly scop...

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Box construction

A box for storing and shipping empty collapsible tubes in upright honeycombed column form, having a body of continuous sides and ends, having a lip at the top and bottom that engages snaps in a groove on top and bottom lids. When disa...

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Display box construction

A box for the display of jewelry and the like including cover and base sections generally hingedly connected to each other and adapted for disposition in closed and open positions wherein the cover section of the box includes means on...

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Technical note: Specifications for the construction and installation of two by-catch reducing devices (BRDs) used in New South Wales...

Abstract Keywords: bleaching, zooxanthellae.

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Construction of attractive for investors-innovative mall

Malls are important part of modern culture. Amount of malls raises permanently so there is a challenge to create an innovative mall to overcome competit...

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