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Mass-dependent and -independent fractionation of Hg isotopes in lakes: Effects of smelter emissions and pH

( 2Department of Ocean, Earth, and Atmospheric Sciences, OldDominion University, Norfolk, VA 23529 3Department of Oceanography and Coastal Sciences, Louisiana State ...The presence of plagiogranitic melts in detac...

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Food of eight northwest Atlantic pleuronectiform fishes.

(International Commission for the Northwest Atlantic Fisheries, Divisions 3L and 3N), found that, overall, echinoderms were the principal prey, especially brittle stars, Ophiura sarsi and...Thesis. OldDominion Univ., Norfolk, Va., 19...

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Biological flora of New Zealand 7. Ripogonum scandens J. R. et G. Forst. (Smilacaceae) Supplejack, Kareao

seedlings. and mature plants are frequent in 44- year-old plantations of Pinus and Cupressus in Mahinapua Forest. ...If left standing dry, the wood becomes brittle. In the water they are subject to attack by teredinids (including ...(...

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Brachiopoda from Fiordland, New Zealand, collected during the New Golden Hind Expedition, 1946

When CQNected, the h'Olotype had eight or more IQng, brittle, chitinous setae (presumably arising from invaginatiQns of the mantle groQve) which projected radially from the ...7. Wellington, Dominion Museum.]]>Brachiopoda (RecentFiord...

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Lookout Bays (Fig. 1) was most intensely studied, especially 100 m either side of the old meteorological station wharf....Four of the eight recorded brittle stars occur around New Zealand and a fifth extends north to the South Island ...

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Animal Protection Laws of Singapore and Malaysia

the idea that humans should give up their dominion over animals will sit uneasily with traditional thinking.29 The ...37 Sheena, a seven year-old dog, was found tied and lying on her own faeces beside a rusty bowl of dirty water...

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Toner aggregation processes

D. TOLUIDINE RED™ and BON RED C™ available from Dominion Color Corporation, Ltd., Toronto, Ontario, NOVAPERM YELLOW FGL™, HOSTAPERM PINK E™ from Hoechst, and ClNQUASIA...From the image analysis of the creased area, it was possible...

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Evidence of an earthquake-triggered basin collapse in Saguenay Fjord, Canada

Sediments underly- ing failure and slip surfaces are largely undisturbed (Fig. 7B), although they may show brittle failure (small-scale faults seen on boomer records) of under- lying...Publications of the Dominion Observatory, Ottawa,...

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An overview of the problem.

SnPb solder is not brittle, but many of the newer lead-free options are. Aircraft, for example, have both many ...2. P. Daddona, "Reactor Shutdown: Dominion Learns Big Lesson from a Tiny Tin Whisker," The Day (New London, CT)...In ; F...

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Debating Death: Religion, Politics, and the Oregon Death With Dignity Act

His bones became so brittle that they broke when he turned over. He lived in constant pain, no matter how much ...In this case, the father of a 22-year-old woman in a persistent vegetative state petitioned the New Jersey Supreme ... 7...

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