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The effects of landmark presentation on driver performance and uncertainty in a navigation task: a field study

- 1992 () Citation Context ...e confident than thesyounger drivers at the Preview 2 point (at approximately 150 m from the manoeuvre).sHowever, this needs to be interpreted in ... or a limited number of landmarks have been evaluated w...

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Validation of a Three-Point Gait-Scoring System for Field Assessment of Walking Ability of Commercial Broilers

ABSTRACT A 3-point gait-scoring system used to evaluate broiler walking ability in welfare audits of commercial flocks in the United States was compare...

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At a given speed and power demand, a driver may have a choice of 2 or 3 gears at which the car can operate. Although shift points are mandated in the test cycles, particularly...2 shows a typical measuring system and the time delay (0...

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mentioned, the proper modeling of the steering column is very important to the overall accuracy of the program in reproducing ''real world" behavior for the driver restraint system. ...All the user need specify is the colum mass, the...

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The analog signal processing system for the Auger fluorescence detector prototype

Its intensity depends both on the shower size (i.e. number of electrons) at that particular point being observed and's replicated at ground level at the second photodiode. The current monitor output is routed through the driver'...

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Soil infiltrability as a driver of plant cover and species richness in the semi-arid Karoo, South Africa

Distinct boundary lines suggested that the drivers of species richness at any particular point in the Karoo landscape may ... Galle S, Ehrmann M, Peugeot C (1999) Water balance in a banded vegetation pattern: A case study of tiger bus...

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Control device for an audio communication system

A audio communication system for a vehicle includes a primary audio source producing a primary audio signal, a secondary audio source producing a secondary audio signal, a speaker, a vehicle ignition switch having an on position and a...

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Point-the-Bit Rotary Steerable System: Theory and Field Results

Many existing rotary steerable systems rely on non-rotating, stationary pads or stabilizers to provide changes in borehole direction. An inherent weakne...

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Algebraic system theory: an analyst'spoint of view

Based on representation theorems for submodules and quotient modules of spaces of polynomial matrices and vectors, this paper combines the abstract alge...

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The Impact of the Sanctioning Process on Driver Safety

The Pennsylvania Department of Transportation‟s Bureau of Driver Licensing administers a driver sanctioning system to ... contain histories of points incurred for each moving violation and sanctions imposed when point totals reach s...

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