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Painless successful suicide


An annual survey of successfulsuicide incidence in Hamadan, western Iran.

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successfulsuicide: national long term cohort study

Method of attempted suicide as predictor of subsequent

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How to Commit a SuccessfulSuicide

If you've ever thought about committing suicide, this book can show you the right way to go about it.

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SuccessfulSuicide in a Child: Depression-Related or Paroxetine-Induced?

Background : Children and adolescents are prone to develop psychiatric problems after stressful life events. These problems need appropriate treatment because of negative consequences like disease-related suicide. Antidepressants (...

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Successfulsuicide by insulin injection in a non-diabetic

We report the death of a young female non-diabetic after self-administration of insulin which led to the trial and conviction of her partner, who was hi...

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Successfulsuicide with tranylcypromine sulfate

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A Study on SuccessfulSuicide

This is a study on the suicide of in-patients admitted of four different psychiatry clinics in Ankara and the nonpatients in Ankara population who commited suicide succesfully, between the years of 1965 and 1980. The objective of this...

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Method of attempted suicide as predictor of subsequent successfulsuicide: national long term cohort study

STUDY QUESTION What is the association between the method of an unsuccessful suicide attempt and the risk of subsequent successfulsuicide?SUMMARY ANSWE...

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Successfulsuicide in a patient with conversion reaction

1 Dept. of Psychiatry and Neurology, Washington University School of Medicine, St. Louis, Mo. A patient with conversion reaction who demonstrated typic...

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Blood alcohol levels following successfulsuicide.

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