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Walter Bradford Cannon 1871–1945

Following these studies, he focused his attention on gastrointestinal motility, tracing on toilet paper the fluoroscopic ... An adventurous spirit, he was the first to climb Goat Mountain in Glacier National Park. It has since been r...

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India army offers ‘glaciertoilet’ in hi-tech sell-off

India army offers ‘glaciertoilet’ in hi-tech sell-offDaily Times (Pakistan)...

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A Century of Theft From Indians by the National Park Service

(not that I’m suggesting it should have been hung in the toilet stall where people are likelier to spend more time... has been including more Indian history in its displays and programs, and presumably this oddly-sited poster is part...

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The history of retreat dynamics of Petermann Glacier inferred from submarine glacial landforms

While numerous classical glacial landforms characteristic for fast flowing ice streams are identified, the multibeam bathymetry also reveals an enigmatic, toilet bowl-shaped features whose origin is still unclear. The collected data d...

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Parks Canada - Glacier National Park - Winter Backcountry Checklist

Home > National Parks of Canada > Glacier National Park > Activities > Ski Touring > Winter Backcountry Checklist...  Snow kit (crystal card, loupe, thermometer)  Ski repair kit (spare binding parts, tools)  Daypack...  Toiletri...

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Words, objects, and locations: Perceptual matching explains spatial interference and facilitation

Many common words have spatial associations (e.g., “bird,” “jump”) that, counterintuitively, hinder identification of visual targets at their associ...

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Climate Change and Simulation/Gaming: Learning for Survival

glacier retreat, global temperature, global warming, governments, greed, greenhouse gasses, health threat, ice melt, ...Others are no doubt missing from this abbreviated list. An integration of various models would produce a more rea...

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Parks Canada - Glacier National Park - Huts and Cabins

Glacier National Park has four backcountry huts available at various costs per person per night. A wilderness pass is also required if staying at the Asulkan, Sapphire Col and ...Equipped with propane stove and heater, lights, loft an...

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Plumbing fixture

D603029 One-piece toilet October, 2009 Bucher D601233 Plumbing fixture September, 2009 Kergoet D585128 Plumbing ... THD. “GlacierBay”. Toilets. Toto. “Carusoe”. Toto. “Drake”. Toto. “Whitney”. Toto. “Vespin”. ...The ...

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The James Ross Island and the Fletcher Promontory ice-core drilling projects

The pyramid tents in the foreground are the sleeping tents, and the two to the right are used fortoilet facilities. Fig. 4. Stable-water isotope profile from JRI. The upper ... ice-core climate records spanning longer periods than fo...

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