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Pounds 400m Homes Deal Finally Gets Go-Ahead ; 3,000 Homes Set to Be Built or refurbishedPrivate Funding Approved by Treasury

APounds 400m housing scheme, which has been delayed for years,has finally got the go-ahead from...

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Relicensing as a Secondary Market Strategy

Secondary markets in the information technology industry, where used or refurbished equipment is traded, have been growing steadily. For original equipm...

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Refurbished PCs: Sweet Deals or Lemons?

Discusses refurbished and used personal computers (PC). Where to find reconditioned or remanufactured computers; Drawback to buying a refurbishedPC in that it cannot be customized; Issue of slow CPU speeds in the older models; Mentio...

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Making the Most of Less: Refurbished Technology Provides a Sensible Way to Deal with Ongoing Budget Woes.

Riddles are time-honored educational tools used to entertain students while teaching them the value of critical thinking. They often require the kind of...

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Product design for supply chain : quantifying the costs of complexity in Hewlett-Packard's retail desktop PC business

historical PC demand and sales data from previous product cycles were combined with employee interviews to estimate volume-...While HP faces the component inventory consequences of this variability, retailers must also deal with the ...

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CHEAP PCs: The Real Deals

CHEAP PCs: The Real DealsEvaluates several low-cost personal computers. Dimension 3000 from Dell; LAN-Party Mini PC from IBuyPower; Presario SRI214NX from Compaq; T2984 from EMachines. INSETS: Top 5 Cheap PCs;Cheap notebooks: What You...

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Refurbished PCs: What's the Deal?

Discusses buying a refurbished personal computer (PC). Example of what Gateway offers in a remanufactured PC; Drawbacks outweighing the savings in price; Limitations of short warranties and aging technology.

Stars: 48 Updated: March 25th,2018

AT&T Unwraps Black Friday, Cyber Monday Deals And More

AT&T Unwraps Black Friday, Cyber Monday Deals And More... Refurb Blowout Sale!  Refurbished phones starting as low as $.01 Saturday, November 24 and Sunday... To see all these great deals, and even more gift ideas from AT&T this hol...

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That's just one possible deal you can get from Best Buy when you trade in your old Windows XP system, which is good for a $100 credit.

That credit is the result of a minimum $25 Best Buy gift card (depending on the value of your trade-in, it could be higher) and a $75 new-PC coupon that goes with it. ...DealFisher has the refurbished Roku 1 for $39.99, shipped. That...

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Your Money: Do Your Homework on PCs

The speed at which hi-tech equipment becomes obsolete, and the consequent fall in resale value, makes rental deals appear attractive; budgeting is easier and upgrading your equipment ...Its packages range from an entry- level refurbi...

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