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Performa he water softener manual


Low phosphate detergent composition for fabric washing

The use of detergency builders as adjuncts with organic water-soluble synthetic detergents and the property which said materials have for improving the over-all detergency performa@@ ... A variety of polycarboxylates have been previo...

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Make-up composition comprising a poly-alpha-olefin

The invention includes a composition for making up keratinous material, in the form of a wax-in-water emulsion, ... softeners, sequestrants, perfumes, oils, silicones, proteins, ceramides, plasticizers, cohesion agents, and the basif...

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Penyusunan Skala Hedonisme Kebauan Beberapa Sumber di Bogor

while malodor hedonic scale is traditional markets (los vegetable and los clothing), tofu producer Sumedang, compost installation, warm drinks, soft drink, balm, perfum, softener, ...Bau Daging dan Performa Itik Akibat Pengaruh Galur...

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Cosmetic lip makeup and/or lipcare composition

as filler, polyurethane particles and less than 15% by weight of at least one of water and a water-soluble solvent....Such ingredients may be selected, for example, from vitamins, antioxidants, thickeners, trace elements, softeners, ...

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; Gustavo Gisbert

Ahora bien, lo que nos parece muy interesante y quizá aun más innovador son los cuestionamientos que se hacen teóricas como Butler (1993), quien lo primero que se pregunta es si hay algún modo de vincular la cuestión de la mater...

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Detergent containing nonionic/cationic surfactant and builder mixture

agents, will not generally be necessary in a particular formulation, giving the compositions of the present invention a potential cost advantage over conventional detergent/ softener ... In fact, because the compositions of the presen...

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Psicologia: Teoria e Pesquisa -

performatividad del género, es decir, la práctica reiterativa y referencial mediante la cual el discurso produce ...(2000). Extreme case formulations: softeners, investment, and doing nonliteral. Research on Language and Social ...

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Resenhado por/by: Kanavillil Rajagopalan

início de suas incursões para chegar à conclusão devastadora de que os chamados constativos não passam de " performativos mascarados" , para lembrar sua própria metá...1982. 'Force-softeners in English'. Trabalho apresentado no...

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Photoprotective compositions comprising an aqueous phase and a low melting point apolar wax

enthalpy greater than 250 J/g such as the polyethylene wax marketed under the name PERFORMALENE 400 by NEW PHASE ... softeners, moisturizers, opacifiers, stabilizers, emollients, silicones, anti-foaming agents, perfumes, preservatives...

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Oil-in-water photoprotective emulsions containing gemini surfactants and associative polymers

as liquid phase, an oil-in-water emulsion, emulsified with at least one dimeric surfactant comprising two surfactant ...(maleic anhydride/C30-C38 α-olefin/isopropyl maleate copolymer) sold under the name Performa V 1608® by the com...

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