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The PeriodicTable of Atoms: Arranging the Elements by a Different Set of Rules

ABSTRACT The periodictable found in this paper is based on the properties of free gaseous atoms rather than atoms in a chemical environment. Keywords ...

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More about the PeriodicTable

Commentary on interesting aspects of a periodictable published in 1954.

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The periodictable of elements

Suggestion for improving the organization of the periodictable for pedagogical purposes.

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Anomalies in the periodictable

Textbooks do not adequately treat the subject of the apparent anomalies in which the atomic mass sequence of the elements does not follow the atomic num...

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A simple postage stamp periodictable

Using postage stamps as an instructional activity on the periodictable.

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A chemical literature/periodictable exercise for general chemistry

This article describes an exercise where students are assigned an element and asked to research recent work on the element.

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A Rolling PeriodicTable

The idea for the Periodicar came to me as a way to force my students to think about and explain chemistry at any hour of the day. I imagined myself chuc...

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A modification of the periodictable.

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The PeriodicTable of the Elephants

The periodictable is a classification system for all of the elements—it can also be a source of inspiration for creativity in the classroom and outrea...

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PeriodicTable Live! Excites Students

PeriodicTable Live! (PTL!) offers several interactive features that set it apart from most of the periodictables on the Web. PTL! has videos showing the reactions of many elements with air, water, acids, and base: if students want t...

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