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Use of a tumor necrosis factor for facilitating nerve regeneration

Administration of a Tumor Necrosis Factor to the site of injury of central nervous system nerve axons in mammals will ...and Schwab, M.E., Nature, 343: 269-272 (1990), report that CNS white matter, cultured oligodendrocytes (the myel...

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The effect of NGF depletion on the neurotropic influence exerted by the distal stump following nerve transection.

action potential ratio and the number of myelinated axons counted in the distal arm with the nerve stump (see below).... axons still selec- tively grow towards the distal stump, suggesting that NGF does not playthe major neurotropic ...

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Amantadine in depression: Relationship between behavioural effects and plasma levels

Schwab, R. S., England, A. C., Jr., Poskanzer, D. C., Young, R. R.: Amantadine in the treatment of ...B., Stump, J. M., Lynes, T. E., Marvel, J. P., Smith, D. H.: The toxicologic and pharmacologic properties ... Online ISSN 1432-1041...

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Gastric stump cancer: etiopathological and clinical aspects

Between 1959 and 1987, at the Innsbruck University Hospital, 359 cases of carcinoma were diagnosed in the gastric remnant. While until 1975 in 203 patie...

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Immunohistochemical expression of Mina53 and Ki67 proteins in human primary gingival squamous cell carcinoma.

Fig.  3.    Relationship  between  Mina53  expression  and Ki67  expression  in  gingival  dysplasia  and  GSCC.  The correlation coefficient ...15. Gerdes  J,  Lemke  H,  Baish  H,  Wacker  HH,  Schwab  U  e...

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Technical description of the IIASA model cluster

9 4) pxi = PPPi PPPref 5a) Thestumpage price, pwi, is defined with expression below pwi = pwmin − pwmax − pwmin 99 + pwmax − pwmin 99 ⋅ SPdi,2000 ⋅ ...Rametsteiner E, Nilsson S, Boettcher H, Havlik P, Kraxner F, Leduc S, Oberste...

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Progressive motor neuronopathy: a critical role of the tubulin chaperone TBCE in axonal tubulin routing from the Golgi apparatus.

The documents may come from teaching and research institutions in France or abroad, or from public or private research ...size was soaked in 10% Fluoro-ruby (Chemicon) in Ringer's solution with 2% DMSO, and applied to the proximal stu...

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Techniques for establishing inground support footings and for strengthening and stabilizing the soil at inground locations

3307643 Apparatus for the removal of tree stumps March, 1967 Ferri 37/2R 2926500 Apparatus for making concrete piles ... 2203881 Solidification of sandy soils June, 1940 Schwab et al. 405/263 2133563 Pile splicer October, 1938 Parks ...

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Principles of war surgery

war surgery Steve J Mannion, Eddie Chaloner Managing war injury is no longer the exclusive preserve of military surgeons....stump Potential wounding energy of a missile: Kinetic energy=12mv2 Where m is the mass of the missile and v is...

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