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Ppm oxygen sensors different methods


Detection of sub-ppm level of VOCs based on a Pt/YSZ/Pt potentiometric oxygensensor with reference air

Potentiometric oxygensensors with Pt|YSZ|Pt structure were applied for detecting several volatile organic compounds (VOCs; acetic acid, methylethylketo...

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Amorphous TiO(2) nanotube arrays for low-temperature oxygensensors

sensors when exposed to different atmospheres are due to a charge carrier ...This sample demonstrates the lowest detectable oxygen concentration of 200 ...

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High sensitivity spin valve stacks using oxygen in spacer layer deposition

The invention includes methods of manufacturing improved spin valve sensors and the resulting sensors. The method includes the step of depositing a spacer layer in an environment containing oxygen. Preferably, the spacer layer is depo...

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Thick film titania sensors for detecting traces of oxygen

Although a thick film oxygensensor working at ...ppm of O2 in N2 at different temperatures ...method, in which the weight fraction wp for ...

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Sensors including metal oxides selective for specific gases and methods for preparing same

Sensors are provided which are selective for a specific gas. The sensors include a substrate, electrodes, and a thin film metal oxide. Methods for choosing the metal oxide to be utilized in the sensor with selectivity for the specific...

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Fiber optic oxygensensors based on the sol-gel coating technique

than 1 ppm) towards oxygen gas and a dynamic range up to 1% oxygen. The...Analysis of the lifetime decay behavior of the different forming methods ...

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Optical fluorescence dual sensors and methods of preparing and using them

The present invention relates to an optical fluorescence dual sensor comprising a probe for sensing pH, a probe for sensing oxygen, an intra-reference probe and a matrix. The present invention also relates to methods of preparing an o...

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A Macroporous TiO2OxygenSensor Fabricated Using Anodic Aluminium Oxide as an Etching Mask

differentoxygen concentrations at room temperature ...sensor in response to 500 ppm, 1,500 ppm and...TiO2 gas sensorAn innovative fabrication method to...

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Oxygen control in lead-bismuth eutectic: First validation of electrochemical oxygensensors in static conditions

sensors and for differentoxygen concentrations, ...For example,at 500°C andat 0.75ppm, the ...wtth the electromotrve force method with a so...

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Fiber optic oxygensensors based on the sol-gel coating technique

(less than 1 ppm) towards oxygen gas and a ...different forming methods revealed that the micro-...1996. All solid state fiber optic oxygensensor ...

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