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Management of the loss reserve accrual and the distribution of earnings in the property-casualtyinsurance industry ☆

We document that property-casualtyinsurers with small positive earnings understate loss reserves relative to insurers with small negative earnings. Fur...

Stars: 153 Updated: February 20th,2018

Market Discipline in Property/CasualtyInsurance: Evidence from Premium Growth Surrounding Changes in Financial Strength Ratings

Analysis of abnormal premium growth surrounding changes in financial strength ratings for a large panel of property/casualtyinsurers generally indicate...

Stars: 165 Updated: February 20th,2018

The financial modeling of property-casualtyinsurance companies

This paper describes a financial model currently being used by a major U.S. multiline property-casualtyinsurer. The model, which was first developed fo...

Stars: 81 Updated: February 20th,2018

Capacity Constraint in Property-CasualtyInsurance Markets

ABSTRACT Underwriting cycles are unexpected in a structurally competitive industry where financial capital is the major determinant of output capacity. "Arbitrage" theories explain underwriting cycles as largely an artifact of instit...

Stars: 74 Updated: February 20th,2018

The Association between External Monitoring and Earnings Management in the Property-CasualtyInsurance Industry

This paper examines the association between external monitoring and earnings management by property-casualtyinsurers. We extend previous work by Petron...

Stars: 143 Updated: February 20th,2018

The influence of large clients on office-level auditor oversight: Evidence from the property-casualtyinsurance industry ☆

We analyze the loss-reserving practices of 562 insurance companies in 1993 to assess the relation between client influence and auditor oversight. Consis...

Stars: 160 Updated: February 20th,2018

Reinsurance and the management of regulatory ratios and taxes in the property—casualtyinsurance industry

Reinsurance transactions provide an immediate enhancement to insurers' earnings and equity. The study investigates the use of reinsurance for regulatory...

Stars: 138 Updated: February 20th,2018

An Investigation of the Performance of the U.S. Property-CasualtyInsurance Industry

This paper presents an empirical analysis of the economic performance of the U.S. property-casualtyinsurance industry, using estimations across 18 lines of ins

Stars: 108 Updated: February 20th,2018

On the Cost Structure of the Japanese Property-CasualtyInsurance Industry

Abstract This article tests economies of scale and economies of scope for the property-casualtyinsurance companies in Japan. We fit a composite cost fu...

Stars: 95 Updated: February 20th,2018

Discretionary and Non-Discretionary Revisions of Loss Reserves by Property-CasualtyInsurers: Differential Implications for Future P...

Discretionary and Non-Discretionary Revisions of Loss Reserves by Property-Casualty Insurers: Differential Implications for Future Profitability, Risk and Market Value...(1988). “The Liability Crisis and the Dynamics of Competitive I...

Stars: 174 Updated: February 20th,2018

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