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System and method to provide customs harmonization, tariff computations, and centralized tariff collection for international shippers

Browse recent Psi Systems, Inc. patentsUSPTO Applicaton #: #20110066549 - Class: $ApplicationNatlClass (USPTO) - Inventors: Harry T. Whitehouse The Patent Description & Claims data ... the online postage system can transmit the detai...

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Ignorance is Bliss: Non-Convex Online Support Vector Machines

4 Ignorance is Bliss: Non-Convex Online Support Vector Machines SMO Algorithm Denote Kij = K(xi, xj) 1) Set α← 0 and compute the initial gradient gi = yi − k αkKik 2...On psi-learning. Journal of the American Statistical Associati...

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Random artificially perturbed liquid jet applicator apparatus and method

cusps and/or nulls at spaced points along the orifice array thus producing undesirable nonuniformities in the printing ...The system may typically operate at a pressure of about 10 psi gage with a center or mean frequency of RAP of ab...

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Coupled Channel Cusps and $Z_b(10610)$, $Z_b(10650)$, and $Z_c(3900)$

It is argued that the $Z_c(3900)$ and $Z_c(4025)$ should be visible in $\bar B^0 \to J/\psi \pi^0\pi^0$ or $B^- \to J/\psi \pi^- \pi^0$, but should {\it not} appear in $\bar B^0 \to J/\psi \pi^+\pi^-$, in agreement with recent LHCb re...

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The US Domain

However, we do have a copy but it is not online. If you are requesting an abbreviated city code please let us know...fee, such as UUNET.UU.NET (, PSI (postmaster@UU2.PSI.COM) and CERFNET (

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Liquid sample bulk mailing package device

It has experimentally been found that a burst strength less than 1000 PSI is insufficient to meet the demands of the USPS letter size bulk mailing equipment. It has also been ... © 2004-2016 All rights reserved...

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Method of making a bellhousing

having an irregular shape with extended cusps selected to cover bolt holes in each of a plurality of different engines.... This composition has a tensile strength of 23,000 psi; a yield strength of 12,000 psi; an elongation (percent o...

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Tracking recordation system for packages

... Browse recent Psi Systems, Inc. patentsUSPTO Applicaton #: #20110082811 Inventors: Harry T. Whitehouse The Patent ... The result is that there are legions of USPS package shippers using delivery confirmation which have no public r...

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Generalized Cusps in Real Projective Manifolds: Classification

Abstract: A generalized cusp $C$ is diffeomorphic to $[0,\infty)$ times a closed Euclidean manifold. Geometrically $C$ is the quotient of a properly convex domain by a lattice, $\Gamma$, in one of a family of affine groups $G(\psi)$,...

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AusPSIPatient Safety Indicators are measures of health care safety that make use of readily available hospital inpatient administrative data. The AusPSIs are being developed primarily to support health services and the Department of H...

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