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Real world examples of parabolas


Creation of gap solitons in Bose-Einstein condensates

clear that these gap solitons can be ac- cessed from an initial state purely in the j = −1 state for example. ... or at least a remnant of them, can arise for real- istic atomic properties and that they can be created from ... which ...

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The Pendulum Swings Again: A Mathematical Reassessment of Galileo's Experiments with Inclined Planes

While the inclined planes used by Galileo seem no longer to exist, we do know - see [34] for example - that the ...ofparabolas having a common axis." In Naylor's version of Galileo's experiment the three parabolic trajectories are...

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Talbot quadratures and rational approximations

Many computational problems can be solved with the aid of contour integrals containing e z in the integrand: examples ...Optimal parameters for three classes of such contours have recently been derived: (a) parabolas, (b) hyperbolas, ...

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Optical device for lighting apparatus, with a plurality of combined reflectors

The reflectors R2 and R3 which receive the beam issued forward by the source consist of two elements of a parabola ...source F is shown from the point W is greater than the angle θ under which the point Q sees the real source F. ...S...

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Method and apparatus for recognizing identity of individuals employing synchronized biometrics

A reference for real-time lip tracking is disclosed in the article by Andrew Blake et al., "Real-Time Lip Tracking for Audio-Visual Speech Recognition Applications," Proc. European ...This system classifies, for example, the parameter...

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