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Identifying interference in a cellular network may include creating an interference neighbor list for a target base station that includes a plurality of neighboring base stations, determining a plurality of quiet resource blocks commo...

Stars: 74 Updated: February 15th,2018

Toward Universal Coverage : Turkey’s Green Card Program for the Poor

This case study unravels Turkey's path to universal coverage. It outlines both the transformation of the health system and the performance of the 'Yesil...

Stars: 91 Updated: February 15th,2018

Outage probability based comparison of underlay and overlay spectrum sharing techniques

Three spectrum sharing schemes-spreading-based underlay, interference avoidance (IA) based overlay and spreading-based underlay that implements IA, are ...

Stars: 113 Updated: February 15th,2018

UWB sequence optimization for enhanced energy capture and interference mitigation

We propose a novel approach to UWB signal detection, based on sequence optimization for the multipath transmission channel. The transmit waveform is mad...

Stars: 105 Updated: February 15th,2018

Interference detection with UE signal subtraction

Interference may be detected in a cellular network by receiving signals at a target base station in a quiet resource block in which no uplink transmissions to the target base station are scheduled to occur, identifying a plurality of ...

Stars: 64 Updated: February 15th,2018

Combating Ukraine’s Health Crisis : Lessons from Europe

No abstract is available for this item.

Stars: 74 Updated: February 15th,2018

Child Health and School Enrollment: A Longitudinal Analysis

The results of this study therefore reinforce strongly the importance of using estimation methods that are consistent with the economic theory of househ...

Stars: 77 Updated: February 15th,2018

Impact of exclusion region and spreading in spectrum-sharing ad hoc networks

In wireless ad hoc network medium access control (MAC) protocol design, it is important to incorporate an exclusion region around a receiver, such that nodes inside the exclusion region are not allowed to transmit, to limit the interf...

Stars: 99 Updated: February 15th,2018

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