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react-text: 147 This Article explores an area of close parallel between legal doctrines in the contexts of Islamic law and American legal theory. In criminal law, both traditions espouse a type of “rule of lenity”—that curious comm...

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Religion: Not declining but changing. What do the population censuses and surveys say about religioninEstonia?

This paper investigates religious affiliation inEstonia, considered to be one of the most secularized countries in the world and in which less than one...

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Factor Analysis of the Religious Status Inventory in the Estonian Language

and maturity, has been subjected to factor analysis in which 6 first-order factors and 1 second-order factor were found...These results are interpreted in terms of the differing aspects of Estonian re- ligious life and the quality of ...

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Religious Freedom and Legislation in Post-Soviet Estonia

. 41. The Estonian Apostolic Orthodox Church (EAOC), which continued its legal exis- tence in exile after 1944, reestablished itself inEstoniain 1993 on the principle of ...The growing interest towards religion and religious institu...

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Religious Change inEstonia and the Baltic States during the Soviet Period in Comparative Perspective

The archival data shows an extraordinary decline of institutionalised religioninEstonia during the Soviet period (especially in the Lutheran and Orthodox Churches). Compared to the other republics of the Soviet Union (especially Cat...

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The Role of Religionin Coping with the Trauma of Political Persecution: The Case of Estonia

Lehtsaar, T. and Noor, H. (2006) `The Role of Religionin Coping With The Trauma of Political Persecution: The Case of Estonia', Religionin Eastern Europe, No. 26, Vol. 3, pp. 44-57Lehtsaar, T., Noor, H., 2006. The Role of Religion i...

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Outside Conventional Forms: Religion and Non-ReligioninEstonia

react-text: 151 National media outlets have observed that weddings in the United States, especially for young educated people, are increasingly performed by ministers who are friends or relatives of the couple and who become ordained ...

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The article tackles one of the most important sites of Estonianreligion – holy groves. An overview is given of the historiography and sources used in the analysis of the groves. The groves are divided into three: the sites of older ...

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The black gentleman : manifestations of the devil inEstonian folk religion

The Black Gentleman: Manifestations of the Devil inEstonian Folk Religion. By Oo Valk. Helsinki:...

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Right Singing inEstonian Orthodox Christianity: A Study of Music, Theology, and Religious Ideology

The purpose of this study was to ascertain the impact of No Child Left Behind on music education in the State of Ohio. Survey research methods were empl...

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