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Market positioning


Where does the logistic regression analysis stand in marketing literature?: A comparison of the marketpositioning of prominent mark...

Purpose - The objective of this article is to determine the usage and application of logistic regression analysis in the marketing literature by compari...

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The marketpositioning of British medical charities

One of the greatest challenges facing managers of medical charities today is to distinguish effectively their cause and their organization in an environ...

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MarketPositioningJennifer V. BarrowSherma Roberts...

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MarketPositioning or Image Positioning

A misuse of the concept of positioning has existed generally in many tourist firms in our country.While pointing out and clearing up this problem,this a...

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MARKETPOSITIONING ANALYSISUysal, MuzafferChen, Joseph SChen J S,Uysal M. MARKETPOSITIONING ANALYSIS:A Hybrid Approach[J].Annals of Tourism Research 2002,29(04).Joseph S. Chen,Muzaffer Uysal. &nbspMARKETPOSITIONING ANALYSIS[J]. Anna...

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A definition of the term "marketpositioning" is presented which refers to the image in which the center makes an effort to be perceived and it happens in the minds of the consumers in the market and is influenced by advertising.

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Choose a consumer product and explain the role that pricing plays in its marketing mix and marketpositioning...

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MarketPositioning of Remanufactured Products With Optimal Planning for Part Upgrades

ABSTRACT In a market with rapid changes in technology and customer preferences, technological obsolescence of end-of-life products poses a significant ...

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Product-marketpositioning and prospector strategy: An analysis of strategic patterns from the resource-based perspective

Adopts a firm-level approach and attempts to develop our understanding of the means through which different types of firm compete. Addresses specificall...

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This research introduces a hybrid approach including correspondence analysis and logit modeling to contrast the relative marketposition of Virginia wit...

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