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Rounding to the nearest ten thousand



[2, Theorem 10.3] Assume that the complex random variable x has zero mean and finite (2 + η)th moment for some... 2 R/Z 1/2 where x1, x2 are iid copies of x, and t R/Z denotes the distance from t tothenearest integer...Let V = (V1,...

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Perturbation theory for the singular value decomposition

The matrix Ak is a matrix of rank k that is nearest A in the Frobenius norm. There are three comments to be made...For exampAle=, c0@ons10ide1r the 0 + 1matrix A; whoseVri=ght0@si10ngu01la1Ar vectors : are given by If A ... V an0d 1sa...

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A canonical theory for short GPS baselines. Part II: the ambiguity precision and correlation

This result shows that the least-squares estimates of the DD ambiguities can be given a rather straightfor- ward ...sought-for integer ambiguities simply follow from roundingthe real-valued least-squares ambiguities to their nearest ...

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Finite size effects for the simulation of phase coexistence in the Gibbs ensemble near the critical point

by considering the probability of such configura- tions explicitly, since then thejinite size rounding of the in- ter...(1) merges into a single peak structure, which implies Tc(L) as [Te(L) - Te]ITc =L - IIVtc ' (10) For Isin...

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The Dual Role of Modularity: Innovation and Imitation

Rounding up tothenearest integer, one decision choice is unknown. If the imitation inaccuracy is 0.5, then three decisions are unknown. A random draw of zero or one, ...Finally, the term "leaders" refers tothe top 10% of firms in t...

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Finding the closest lattice vector when it's unusually close

1/2. For any lattice basis and any vector v, the distance of v from the lattice is no more than half the sum ...This procedure is suggested by, but not identical to, the randomized rounding method of Raghavan and T h o m p s o...Babai...

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Boosting the accuracy of differentially private histograms through consistency

3, No. 1 Copyright 2010 VLDB Endowment 2150-8097/10/09... $ 10.00. First, given a task—such as computing a histogram over student grades—t1he analyst chooses a set of ...For all three approaches, we enforce integrality and non-negat...

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Improved approximation algorithms for the uncapacitated facility location problem

0. As a consequence, they must solve a weakly polynomial number of linear programs, roundthe optimal solution to each...opens a facility at location i ∈ F with probability yi∗ and then assigns each demand point to its nearest facil...

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Boundary layer evolution and regional‐scale diurnal circulations over the and Mexican plateau

achsoundinisga composiotef all good-qualistyounding(tsypically19-23)in theFebruar2y3 to March22, 1997, experimenpta...withtemperaturseusrrounditnhgeplateaautnight(Figure5), excepftorthedaysof February27 and28 andMarch1,5, 6, large-sca...

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The use by bats of habitat features in mixed farmland in Scotland

35 m). The range of the record- ing stations was approximately 20 m tothe front, five m behind, and 10 m to ...made at sites in the middle of open space around the pond (at least 35 m away from thenearest landscape element)....cumfe...

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