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Salary of minor league basketball players


Expos succeed in the N.L. on limited salary budget

Comments on the success of the Montreal Expos in baseball despite its limited salary budget for players. The role of the scouting and minorleague system; The team's use ofminor leaguers, second stringers and supposedly marginal pros...

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International Student Athletes in the NCAA: Professionals or Exploited Children?

salary to participate on the team, whether the team is considered an amateur or professional team.154 The situation is ...playing high school basketball and decided to attend the same university.186 During summer vacation, Walton's fa...

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The Effect ofSalary Distribution on Production: An Analysis of Major League Baseball

The Effect ofSalary Distribution on Production: An Analysis of Major League Baseball on ResearchGate, the professional network for scientists.... The Effect ofSalary Distribution on Production: An Analysis of Major League BaseballR...

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Cincinnati trades Jonny Gomes to Washington for two minorleagueplayers

Cincinnati traded struggling outfielder Jonny Gomes to Washington for two minorleagueplayers and called up Yonder Alonso to take his spot on the roster. Gomes is batting .211 with 11 home runs and... Cincinnati traded struggling out...

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What Determines M. L. B. Players Worth To Their Teams? Derrek Hiester

affect their salary. I believe that this is an interesting topic to see if owners pay athletes based on different measurements of performance or based on different determinants not ...The invest money into these minorleagues to teach...

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Implicit Discrimination in Major League Baseball: Marginality Decisions based on MinorLeague Offensive Production

Abstract While Major League Baseball employs a wide variety of races and ethnicities, including white, African-American, Hispanic, and Asian players, it is possible that professional rosters may not be organized based on talent alone...

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Why do black basketballplayers work more for less money?

18 These results do not provide an explanation for a salary wedge between white and black players. In general, we find... and the continued existence ofminorleagues and leagues in Europe, it might be that teams are less inclined to ...

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first group of defensive fields; said first group of defensive fields representing defensive statistics for basketballplayers... 15. The game component according to claim 13 wherein said game component further comprises a salary fiel...

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Life's a Hit or Miss the MinorLeagues, Especially during the Off-Season, Are Not All Fun and Games for Baseball's Young Hopefuls

Byline: Eric Krol Daily Herald Staff Writer

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Who pays for minorleague training costs?

As an alternative to monopsonistic exploitation, the underpayment ofplayers in major league baseball may be explained as the attempt by owners to recou...

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