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Minnesota Road Research Project: A Five-Year Review of Accomplishments

Test sections 15 and 17 provided the best match of calculated and measured strains. These are full-depth sections, wherein the asphalt layer is much thicker than the rest of the ...15 Implementation Schedule Obviously, Mn/ROAD represe...

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Traffic Sign Life Expectancy

summarize on webpage Task Schedule May 1, 2013 – Dec 30, 2013 Next Steps  Retro measurement 'how-to' video / sheet  Retro Meter loan-out schedule (Discussion)  Installation of MnROADtest decks  Begin data collection on in-s...

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Road load simulator tests of the Gould phase 1 functional model silicon controlled rectifier ac motor controller for electric vehicles

- Steadystatecharacteristiocf regeneratiomn ode. Motorshaftpowear sfunctionof motorspeefdor constant negativme otortorque. ...4. Title and Subtitle Road Load Simulator Tests of the Gould Phase I Functional Model Silicon Control led Re...

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Optimal Contract Mechanism Design for Performance-Based Contracts

The projects were awarded based on lowest bid and monthly payments were calculated by multiplying the winning contractor's lump-sum bid by the monthly payment schedule percentage and ...Jensen, "Local calibration of MEPDG rutting mode...

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A Multiphasic Personality Schedule (Minnesota): III. the Measurement of Symptomatic Depression

The authors present the data obtained from administering their 60-item depression questionnaire to 690 individuals of whom 40 were normal persons with high depression scores on a preliminary scale, and 50 hospital patients without cli...

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A Multiphasic Personality Schedule (Minnesota) : II. A Differential Study of Hypochondriasisa

Abstract The authors' multiphasic personality test was administered to 50 patients diagnosed as hypochondriacs at the Psychopathic Unit of the University of Minnesota Hospital. Patients with manifestations of the major psychoses were ...

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Operation of the first full scale roadtest facility in Korea and lessons learned from 8 years of experience

Several key elements such as field testing, data acquisition system, database, budget, schedule, and staff were identified as either technical or administrative aspect of operation. Some ...(1997). Application of empirical and mechani...

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A Multiphasic Personality Schedule (Minnesota) : I. Construction of the Schedule

ABSTRACT This schedule is designed ultimately to provide in a single test scores on all the more important phases of personality. At present, scoring keys are available for hypochondriasis, depression, hysteria, psychopathic personal...

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A Multiphasic Personality Schedule (Minnesota): IV. Psychasthenia.

ABSTRACT The derivation of a scale is reported for measuring psychasthenia, a condition involving compulsions, obsessions, phobias, vacillation, and ex...

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Hydrophobic crosslinkable compositions for electronic applications

structure and when exposed to bias and temperature in accelerated life tests may result in low insulation resistance and ... Epoxy-PNB Epoxy-containing polynorbornene from Promerus LLC of Brecksville, Ohio; Mw of 74,000, Mn of 30,100 ...

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