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Self-reported sources of stress insenior high school students

The main sources of stress reported by 423 Australian final-year high school students using the Academic Stress Questionnaire were school-related as exp...

Stars: 79 Updated: September 4th,2018

Environmental attitudes of senior secondary school students in South Australia

The environmental attitudes of 958 senior secondary students, from a stratified sample across 32 country and metropolitan schools, aged 15–18 years, w...

Stars: 101 Updated: September 4th,2018

Interpersonal behaviour insenior high school biology classes

This article describes the first use of the Questionnaire on Teacher Interaction insenior biology classes and describes students' perceptions of their ...

Stars: 78 Updated: September 4th,2018

Explaining within-semester changes in student effort in junior high school and senior high school courses.

ABSTRACT Within any course, as a semester progresses some students reduce their effort and others try harder. Virtually every cognitive theory of motiv...

Stars: 138 Updated: September 4th,2018

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