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Shape up sandals


Convertible therapeutic sandals

A therapeutic sandal is provided that includes an upper component having a front strap assembly and a rear strap assembly for securing a foot to the upper component, and a lower component, cooperative... sandals is rectangular in shap...

Stars: 40 Updated: September 22nd,2018

Manufacture of strap sandals

This invention relates to improvements in strap sandals and insoles therefor and to improved methods of manufacturing insoles. In a strap sandal of the type comprising an insole, an outsole, and an upper consisting of a plurality of c...

Stars: 36 Updated: September 22nd,2018

Single point triangular adjustment system for sandals

A novel sport sandal construction capable of immediate tightening or loosening adjustment of all strap portions relative to the foot, with one quick adjustment. A control strap is anchored to a ring on one side of the sole at the ankl...

Stars: 69 Updated: September 22nd,2018

Manufacture of sandals

This invention relates to improvements in the manufacture of sandals and other shoes the uppers of which comprise strap-like members having inturned end portions that are secured to the shoe bottom. Objects of the invention are to red...

Stars: 29 Updated: September 22nd,2018

Pedicure sandals

A sandal is formed as a one-piece construction and includes a sole incorporating toe dividing structure that can be shifted to a position wherein toes of a user can be arranged between dividers to enhance the ability of the user to ob...

Stars: 21 Updated: September 22nd,2018

Plastic shoe sole for sandals and the like

A shoe sole, especially for summer footwear such as sandals, comprises an ...The outsole is provided along its periphery with a set of solid upstanding...Other peripheral formations on the outsole, in the shape of flat tubes, ...

Stars: 55 Updated: September 22nd,2018

Rubber sole for sandals

The invention relates to a sandal having a rubber sole and particularly to an arch supporting sandal. Many devices for the support of the instep arch ; are known and used with shoes or boots. In the majority of these cases the arch-su...

Stars: 30 Updated: September 22nd,2018

Method and machine for sewing sahara sandals

The present invention is concerned with im- i provements in or relating to shoe making or sewing, and has particular reference to a novel manner of, and means for, forming a seam between two shoe parts, especially between a shoe upper...

Stars: 57 Updated: September 22nd,2018

Sandals and method of making same

A foot sandal and method for making same, the sandal having a laminated platform having an upper and a lower layer, stirrup strapping members mounted with the platform for securing the platform to the... shape of the sole of the foo...

Stars: 43 Updated: September 22nd,2018


The method according to the present invention comprises injecting the first resinous material into the first cavity of a movable mold, cooling the material into a cured condition, shifting the movable... shape of the sole portion of t...

Stars: 47 Updated: September 22nd,2018

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