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Globe SpecialtyMetals' Cost Advantage

The article focuses on the business strategy adopted by Globe SpecialtyMetals Inc. to sustain growth in the cyclical silicon metals industry. It says that the silicon metals and silicon-based specialty alloys, which are key ingredien...

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Criticality of Seven SpecialtyMetals

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Rift over specialty-metals use in contracts develops

The article focuses on the conflicts in the Buy America provision, which is also known as the Berry Amendment in the U.S. It is noted that the Senate and House conferees reached a compromise agreeable to the U.S. specialtymetals sect...

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Specialtymetals in Canada

Abstract Specialtymetals (SMs) are critical for the development of green technologies, essential raw materials for high technology industries, and deemed strategic for national security by the USA and several European countries. More...

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Specialtymetals.(Literature)Beckman, Lori...

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1. Recycling and Sustainable Utilization of Precious and SpecialtyMetals

Summary There is urgent need for more effective recycling of Earth's technology metal supply. Precious and specialtymetals that constitute this supply ...

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Specialtymetals and alloys are melted in a crucible (10) typically holding no more than about 100 lbs. of metal and disposed in a furnace (2) filled with an inert gas and subjected to a vacuum in the range of about 5 % to 32 % of atm...

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Stainless Steels and SpecialtyMetals

Reports on the conference on stainless steels and specialtymetals to be sponsored by the American Society for Metals Technical Programming Board at Mat...

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SpecialtyMetals Processing: A start-up case study

Features SpecialtyMetals Processing Consortium Incorporated. Company's offering of coil-finishing services; Company's targeting of mill customers, mill-direct end users and service centers; General manager Randy Pacelli on the compan...

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Current Status of the SpecialtyMetals

ABSTRACT The specialtymetals are characterized by the diversity of their uses and their relative scarcity in nature and commerce as compared with the abundance of the base metals. They are relatively expensive, and most are byproduc...

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